Love Luxe Beauty Opalustrous Pressed Pigments: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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Love Luxe Beauty Opalustrous Pressed Pigments ($8, -20% with affil code BEAUTYCULT)

Um can we talk about these new pressed pigments from Love Luxe Beauty??

According to their website, ‘Opalustrous Pressed Pigments are eye-safe, iridescent, foiled pressed glitter pigments. Use over glitter glue. For the best application, apply with finger by tapping into the pan to lift the pigments. Treat like a pressed glitter.’

They’re basically chunky mica pigments with an almost flaky texture and tons of sparkle. They’re definitely not for the feint of heart. These babies are DRAMATIC! Being that I’m extra af by nature, it’s no surprise that I love them. Be fair warned though, they are a bit messy. A glitter adhesive of some kind is a requirement and you might want to do your eyes first (although if you’re careful, you shouldn’t get much fallout).

Also your fingers are going to work much better than a brush. So if you’ve got talons for nails, these might not be for you. All that being said, they’re well worth the extra effort. On the eyes, they’re so metallic and sparkly that they almost look like wet paint or something. And they smooth out over glitter glue so they don’t look chunky or heavy on the eyes, they way they do in the pan.

They’re $8 each or $6.40 with our code BEAUTYCULT. This is an affiliate code so if you choose to use it, the wifey (@colourpopcult) and I will receive a commission on the sale. As always we appreciate your support but if you don’t feel comfortable using affiliate codes or if you’d rather use someone else’s, we still love you.

Influential is a rosey copper.

Frenzy is a pale yellow gold

Icon is white with yellow gold reflects

Profound is rose gold

I’m Weak has a mauvey purple base with a gold shift

Flirt is a silvery taupe

Say My Name is teal

GNO is cool pink with violet undertones

Untamed is violet

Shiverrr is a deep blue violet

My favs are I’m Weak, Say My Name, Untamed, GNO, Shiverrr and Influential. Oh and one last word of advice. Less is more with these. You really only need a dab to cover your whole eyelid!


  1. Omg IM WEAK is speaking to me!!! These look amazing, great price and beautiful photos!!! I would definitely order that. But I don’t want to order just one thing. I’ll have to check out their site for some other stuff too.


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