New ColourPop Single Shadows: Swatches, First Impressions and a few dupes

ColourPop has been running this ‘build your own palette’ deal on and off for a few weeks now. There’s a few different sized palettes that you can choose, the palette above being the largest one. I paid $44 for the palette and their 24 new eyeshadows. That’s less than $2 each! Oh and fyi, I have a non-affil code with them, ANGELA5 for $5 off . I don’t think that it applies on top of the palette deal but keep it in mind for future reference. Okay. Intro over. Moving on. I really need to work on my transitions…

Mr. Sandman is the most gorgeous mauvey taupe with tons of pink microglitter. The texture is creamy and delicious and perfect. Love.

Earthshine is a sheer pinky lavender with a blue shift and blue and pink microglitter. Another must have, imo

Neutrino is a red violet with a blue shift. Obviously I love this one too. Hold on -let’s just get this out of the way. I love this entire arm of swatches. Passionately. All of them.

Try Me is a deep matte violet. Excellent pigmentation. Not a hint of patchiness. I question whether CP has a deal with the devil. It’s mindboggling to me that they’re able to make products that are this good, in the US, without using cheap ingredients and they manage to turn a tidy profit while charging ridiculously low prices. May I remind you that I paid $1.70 or something for these eyeshadows??

Solstice with the Mostest is a bright satiny pink with blue undertones and actually it isn’t that great. It’s def not bad and the color is beautiful but the formula is a little stiff. Meaning it doesn’t have that super emollient texture that glides on effortlessly like Mr. Sandman

Misty is a pinky rose gold. It has flecks of blue glitter but they don’t really translate on to the lid

Paradiso is a deep metallic raspberry and it’s perfect.

Sleeper is a matte eggplant. Quite similar to MUFE Eggplant. I should’ve swatched that one for my little dupe section at the bottom of this post. Oh well. Is that shadow still around even? Didn’t they discontinue everything? I must look into this.

Moving on to section two

Over It is an apricot pink with a gold shift

Thank U, Next is another definite must have. It’s a bright cranberry pink that shifts to a more reddish copper to orange to gold. Yum.

Meteorite is a bright red orange. Think Slowburn from the electric palette

Martian is a deep terracotta with a satin finish but it mostly behaves like a matte

Crackle is a creamy orange copper with lots of sparkle

Baby Lights is a light yellow green with blue glitter

Karat Cake is a greenish gold metallic. I think that it might be similar to their Telepathy super shock

Take Flight is a bright matte yellow. I think that it might be similar to Sugarpill Buttercream cake

Antimatter is a super sparkly teal blue with a purple shift

Wishful Winking is a deep metallic teal with a purple shift. It’s another one with that bomb ass, rich and smooth formula

Conjour Up is a deep matte emerald green. I haven’t used it on my eyes yet but it swatched beautifully

On a Whimsy is a bright silver with an ultra metallic, almost wet looking finish

Quantum Sleep is a bright cobalt blue with a metallic finish

Superzoom is a deep blue green with a metallic finish. It’s a very nice counterpart to Conjour Up

Heavenly is a light silvery green with a foiled finish

Night Dream is a matte black with multicolored glitter. This is one of the only shadows out of the 24 new shades that’s sold out which surprises me because I despise glittery mattes but I guess not everyone also shares my opinions. Weird.

I would definitely recommend taking advantage of this palette deal and getting the whole shebang for $44. It’s a gorgeous collection of shadows and an excellent deal!

And the bonus section: dupes!

Antimatter is a dead ringer for Dose of Colors Teal Me More. Like identical

Thank U, Next is an excellent dupe for Hot Toddy from the Too Faced Gingerbread palette. Which is the best shade in that palette, imo. Hot Toddy is a little more pink and Thank U, Next a little more red but they’re very close

And lastly, Over It is an excellent alternative to Melt Cosmetics Amelie.


  1. Oh my god you just saved me $16 and having to depot. I want Teal Me More sooo bad, but now Colourpop has an exact dupe? Awesome. And I already have Amelie (one of nyx’s chromatic powders is a dupe also). Thanks for the swatches!


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