Devinah Cosmetics ‘Secret Diaries’ Matte Collection: Overview, Swatches and Discount Code

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At long last the day we’ve all been waiting for is nearly upon us… December 7. Aka the launch date of the new matte collection from Devinah Cosmetics! The crowd goes wild! Lights flash! Confetti rains down from the ceiling! Trumpeters trumpet! Seriously though, Devinah is most well known for her mattes. She can’t keep the damn things in stock to save her life and the woman works 24/7. She has more energy than me back in high school when I was on adderall. That was a joke. Moving on!

The collection includes twelve eyeshadows. They’ll be sold individually for $5 and if you buy the whole collection for $60, you’ll get the palette pictured above for free. Devinah does have affiliate codes that will save you some money. Ours is BEAUTYCULT and it will knock the prices down to $4 per shadow or $48 for the whole shebang. If you use the code, we’ll receive a commission on that sale. We appreciate your support but if you don’t feel comfortable using it, we still love you!

I’ve been using the collection for a few weeks now and it’s amazing! I love the combination of warm berry tones and olives and the unexpected mix of cool grays and blues. It’s one of the most unique and interesting color stories that I’ve seen in a long time. It will be available for purchase this Friday, December 7 at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST. I’d imagine that this set will sell out quickly but it is permanent, in case you miss it the first time!

Devinah mattes are soft and pigmented. The formula reminds me of Lorac mattes. You’ll want to be light handed with your application to avoid kick up. They’re easy to work with and not at all patchy, however some of the lighter colors tend to sheer out when blended so be gentle!

Saudade is definitely one of the stars of the collection. It’s the perfect shade of army green and it’s unlike anything else in my collection. It’s lighter and more green than Leo in the Gemini palette

Fossick is the perfect compliment to Saudade. It’s a similar shade of green but it’s deeper and more muted with grayish brown undertones

Virago is a vibrant red violet. With a light hand it pulls more purple (on me) but it builds to a deep reddish plum. It’s very similar to the plum in the Blood Sugar palette

Tacenda is a medium raspberry pink. It’s similar to Abh Love Letter but a bit more vibrant

Naz is a light medium warm lavender. This is another fav of mine. The color is unique to my collection and it flatters my green eyes

Ah… Meraki! I love me a dusty rose matte. It’s similar to MUG Cupcake (which I think was discontinued) but a little darker and more saturated

Toska is a buttercup yellow. It goes on sheer at first but builds easily

Kalon is a light to medium olive tinged brown that coordinates nicely with the two greens.

Metanoia is a soft ochre. It has a hint of olive that ties it nicely with the rest of the collection. It’s similar to ABH Custard.

Frisson is a medium gray with purple undertones. Normally I’m not gray person but the touch of purple makes it more appealing to me.

Elysium is a mid-toned mink gray

Ludic is a medium greenish blue with gray undertones. This was the one shadow that gave me some trouble. It was very soft and a bit fragile. However I let DeAndra know and I think that she tweaked the formula slightly. D and I are good friends so she usually tries to mail me products a little early so that she can see how they travel in the mail and iron out any minor issues prior to the release date.

Tada! We’ve reached the end! Okay… so top picks… definitely the two greens. They’re super pretty and very on trend. Also the four berry tones. I’m a sucker for anything plummy and it’s a color that flatters everyone. Also the three shades closest to my wrist are dupes for the Huda New Nude palette. Runners up for me are Kalon and Metanoia. The grays are very nice too. It’s just not a color that I gravitate towards.

The collection will be available on December 7 at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Don’t forget to use your favorite influencer code at check out! Ours is BEAUTYCULT but don’t feel pressured to use it. What do you guys think about this collection?? Smash or pass?!

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  1. I am buying this tomorrow as soon as it launches. With your code of course!!! I’ll post it in my stories too!!! I’m in love. This is the devinah collection I’ve been waiting for. I wear way more mattes than shimmers unless they’re like an hourglass topper or something. I can’t wait!!!


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