Karity ‘Picante’ Palette: Swatches, First Impressions and Discount Code

Sample. Affiliate code.

Karity ‘Picante’ Palette ($19.99)

The Picante palette from Karity officially drops today, November 1st! It’s $19.99 or $18 if you use an affiliate code to save 10%. Ours is BEAUTYCULT. Fun fact- Karity has developed an initiative called Palettes for Paws with their local SPCA centers. For every palette they sell, they donate a meal to an animal in need. I like dogs much better than I like humans so I really appreciate that they’ve taken the time and effort to develop a program like this.

I’ve used the palette a few times and I like it but it’s a big palette so I’ll need to use it a few more times, if you all are interested in a proper review. In the meantime, I just wanted to give you a brief run down of the shades and my thoughts on the formula. The color scheme reminds me of a few different palettes. The top row gives me Juvia’s place Warrior palette vibes.

The middle row reminds me of the MUG Pumpkin Spice palette.

And the bottom row is kinda similar to the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette.

Not saying that there’s any dupes per say but the color stories are at least somewhat similar. The palette is cruelty free and formulated without mineral oil or parabens but it’s not vegan. And as you’ve probably guessed, considering that it’s a 21 pan palette for $18, it was made in China.

Delia is a matte peach

Fearless is a pale peachy gold

Dune is mustardy yellow matte

Embers is a bright yellow gold

Pimento is a light yellow orange matte

Bronzed is a light orangey copper with a metallic finish

Mornin’ is a brassy gold metallic

Sunrise is an amber gold metallic

Bobbie is a light to medium orange matte

Fuego is a light peachy pink with gold reflects

Harvest is a medium red orange matte

Hayley is a foiled reddish copper

Flamenco is a bright tomato red with a matte finish

Fahrenheit is a warm metallic cranberry

Spicy is a medium matte red. Flamenco is more orange in comparison

Passion is a cranberry metallic but it’s a bit darker and more purple than Fahrenheit which pulls more orange in comparison

Epice is a mid-toned berry matte with pink undertones

Sass is a pinky lavender with a foiled finish

Floral is a mid-toned metallic plum

Aish is a medium orange brown with pink undertones

Bittersweet is a medium dark red brown matte

Overall it’s a very pretty palette with no real issues as far as performance (at least I haven’t come across any so far) but there’s one major problem for me. Almost all of the mattes are the same depth. Meaning there’s a ton of transition colors and hardly anything add definition or to highlight. Bittersweet is the darkest shade and it can be used to deepen up the crease a bit but it’s not enough for my liking. This isn’t a dealbreaker per say and I’m not someone who puts a huge emphasis on being able to create a look using only one palette. But the color scheme would’ve been a home run for me had they included a dark burgundy or plum and a dark brown. A cream or ivory matte would’ve been nice too but I could live without it. Again that’s just my personal preference.

We thank you in advance if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save money when buying Karity products. I’ll be reviewing Karity’s Rosé palette and blush trios later this month!


  1. Hey Angela, is the picture of the palette true to color? You know how sometimes eyeshadows in pictures look vibrant and then in person the colors are more muted and that’s disappointing. The colors remind me of the Violet Voss Hashtag palette for some reason.


    • Yeah I think so. For the most part at least. The only shade that comes to mind is Sass. I just used it on my eyes for the first time and ended up using glitter glue to make it more intense. The mattes are all nice tho. Besides being so similar in tone


  2. We are on the same wavelength since I too prefer dogs (and all furry and feathered animals) to humans. That’s one of the reasons I’ve ordered from Karity in the past: their Paws for Palettes program is a huge incentive, even though I prefer not to buy cosmetics made in China. I often make contributions and donations to animal welfare organizations, so the opportunity to feed my makeup addiction while at the same time feed a shelter animal is a win-win.


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