Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Opulence Palette Collection: Swatches and First Impressions

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‘Presenting a trio of mesmerising MTHRSHP Eye Palettes inspired by three of Mother’s most ICONIC Limited Editions – Metalmorphosis 005, Dark Star 006 and MTHRSHP Bronze Ambition.’

New Pat!! Yippie! I love these mini palettes! The packaging is the coolest and the price is a lot more palatable than the big Mothership palettes. They’re available at Sephora for $55 each and on Pat’s website there’s a bundle option, all three palettes for $125 ($40 savings).

In the interest of full disclosure (and also to brag a little), I do have a working relationship with Pat so I won’t be doing a review as it would be biased. Instead I’ll just show ya the swatches and give a brief run down of the colors and formulas.

MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star was inspired by the limited edition Dark Star 006 lab.

Entice is a sparkling peachy gold with a foiled finish

Deep Space is a deep bluish gray matte

Emraptured is medium antique gold with a metallic finish

Dark Matter is a satiny black. There’s no shimmer (if you see any in these pics, it’s fall out from the other shadows) but it does have just a hint of sheen. It’s a really nice black. I love this type of finish

Metropolis is a deep aubergine metallic with a rich emollient formula

Interstellar is a periwinkle blue and violet duochrome with tiny flecks of blue and pink sparkle. Gorg.

MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Temptation

Celestial is a sparkly white gold

Burning Desire is a mid-toned terracotta matte.

Supernova is a glittery emerald green

Dark Paradise is a dark plummy brown with a matte finish

Corruption almost reminds me of a pressed version of those multichrome pigments that got so popular this year. It has a dark base that looks red straight on and more cranberry from the side then it shifts from copper to gold to green. It’s probably my favorite shade from all three palettes.

Provocatrix is another duochrome! It has a red base with a sparkly antique gold shift

MTHRSHP Subversive Metalmorphosis is an all metallic palette, inspired by the Limited Edition Lab METALMORPHOSIS 005. I love her ultra metallic formula. These shadows are so shiny that they look almost wet on the eyes.

Metallurgy is a silver gold

Copper is a mid-toned reddish copper

Sterling is a bright platinum silver

Smoked Amethyst is a blackened violet with glitter

Bronze is an orangey copper bronze

Gold Standard is a vivid true gold.

All three palettes are gorgeous but if I were forced to choose one, it would definitely be MTHRSHP SUBLIME: BRONZE TEMPTATION. It’s an all around solid palette plus it has three really unique shades, the red copper, sparkly emerald and red gold duo. I love the shimmers in Dark Star but I know that I won’t use the gray matte. And lastly, if you missed out on the Metalmorphosis 005 lab (which I believe was one of Pat’s first products) then I would definitely recommend considering the Metalmorphosis palette.

What do you guys think of the Opulence collection?? Are you getting anything or na?


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