New Adept Cosmetics Magnetic Palettes: Review and discount code!

Sample. Affiliate code.

Adept Cosmetics recently released two new palettes! Well one new palette and one redesigned palette. First up the new and improved 88 palette!

Adept Cosmetics 88 Palette ($24.99) -Save 15% with affil code: BEAUTYCULT

I just got my new 88 palette yesterday and it’s such a HUGE improvement over their original version! It’s the same size as before but the material is faux leather with an almost quilted, crocodile texture.

It’s the type of material that you can easily keep clean by wiping it with a damp towel. Their original version (pictured below) was cardboard and mine definitely started getting beat up looking over time.

Also there’s only one, very discreet logo on the inner lid which I love! Oh and it comes with 50 magnetic stickers, in case you’re a depotter.

It holds 88 pans (26mm) or 99 if you stagger the rows the way that I do.

The eyeshadows are all from Devinah Cosmetics but I just put them in there for demonstrative purposes. I don’t like using these huge palettes for small pans because it takes me forever to find what I’m looking for. Instead I use them for my larger pans. It holds fourty eight 36-37mm pans (also Devinah shadows pictured)

Or thirty 44mm pans (Clionadh Cosmetics highlighters pictured)

Magnetar Multi-Folding Tabletop Palette ($18.99)

This is their new Magnetar Multi-Folding Tabletop palette. It’s a double sided magnetic palette with a large mirror that holds 70 eyeshadows. The outside is plush velvet and the inside is heavy, cardboard with a laminate coating. Unlike other palettes, which are made of velveteen (a cotton imitation of velvet), you can clean this by wiping it with a damp makeup remover towelette, ex. Neutrogena. It folds in various ways to make it ergonomically easier to get ready in the morning while sitting at your vanity table.

Since since mufe discontinued their big clunky XL metal palettes that I loved so much I’ve been on the hunt to find the next best thing… dare I say it… I think Adept is even better! They’ve got a bunch of different options and they all hold more than the mufe palettes plus they have cuter designs and mirrors for nearly the same price. With an affiliate code (ours is BEAUTYCULT) the Magnetar palette is only $16. Can’t beat that!

ICYMI- I’m linking my review of the rest of Adept’s palettes! My personal fav is the ‘Adept Palette’!


    • I have no idea and I only had those shadows in that palette for a minute so I can’t check. But you can search by color on devinahs website so you should be able to find the one that you’re looking pretty easily!


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