ColourPop X Make a Wish #DELILAHSJOURNEY : Swatches, review and $5 off code!

sample. non affil code.

Delilah Suarez is a rockstar. This 17 year old is battling osteosarcoma created a collection that benefits cancer patients and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Make a Wish foundation. Colourpop granted her wish and here we are now!!!  So my hats off to her because at 17 she sure is a class act, at 17 I was sneaking to parties and being a pain in the ass to my parents, I hope I get to see Delilah creating more awesome things in the future and she kicks cancer in the ass.

Sorry if im cursing but last night one of my mother’s oldest and greatest friends, and a woman I personally considered a second mom passed away of cancer. She was full of life, she helped me moved once when a shit living situation happened and I couldn’t get out of that place, she showed up with me and told that person I was leaving and to get my shit. I remember feeling like I had nobody and that she came along and gave me the empowerment I needed and always was such a strong funny, hands on woman.

Cancer is a fken bitch and its taking loved ones out of everyone I know and how are we still not finding a cure? but we have technology so see in the goddamn sun.

rant over \\

So the Make a wish foundation helps patients get a wish they always wanted and usually people get trips or to get to know someone, its pretty cool but the coolest part is this kid that had to opportunity to do anything and instead she is doing something for OTHERS.  Im not crying, you are.

Biased as I am right now, the colors are indeed super cool and a win. Excellent choices even if you only pick a thing or two.

The card that explains the meaning of the shades.


Okay – Ultra metallic gold

CHERISH- ultra glitter-  gold bronze

WARRIOR – ultra metallic and black based blue with teal reflects

DJ – ultra metallic hot copper


There is two glosses and a satin finish liquid lipstick, the glosses have that “paint brush” applicator which is the one thing I didn’t like.

Other than that, I think they would look amazing on anyone either by themselves or over  a lippy. Im showing you lip swatches in two different lightings so you have a better idea.

NEW DAY- A light beige with slight sparkle, would be a great topper for nude lippies.

WISH – Satin – a gorg medium toned ochre brown! and the answer to my prayers this fall season.

JJ: gloss – your lips but better – cream finish warm brown pink.  It just made my lips look super juicy

Das it! its launching at 12noon pst /3pm est at COLOURPOP COSMETICS – get $5 off with Angela’s code ANGELA5

Swatch reel:


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