Viseart Grande Pro II palette: Swatches and review!

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First and foremost, I LOVE VISEART. This is a French pro brand, very indie, very respected on the professional Hollywood sets; Anastasia (owner and CEO) is such a humble and dedicated woman and a pleasure to work with. This palette was made in collaboration with Alphonse Wiebelt (co founder of Muse Beauty Pro) and is another amazing artist that I am proud to support. As bias that makes me, I tried very hard to remain neutral because at the end, you, the reader is my intended audience and even if you end up loving it and buying through our links, I understand that investing on this palette, should at least be an informed decision.

Grande Pro II is a brand new VISEART palette with a twist: the iconic matte experts shelled out an all shimmer palette with 6 different style finishes. It is available exclusively via MUSE BEAUTY PRO – CLICK HERE.

It retails for $175 ($140 if you have a pro discount with Muse Beauty) but you are getting 3 brand new shades, in brand new finishes, each pan is the same size as the VISEART PRO and THEORY palettes, containing 2g / .07oz. which is $5.80 per shade if you were to buy separately. The people that got to preorder got the pro mixing medium from Esum Cosmetics which I used to swatch this palette. PR packages received two Esum Cosmetic shader brushes which are excellent for applying foils.

The packaging is a simplistic black hard cardboard with a full size mirror that folds over as an easel. All the shades are removable (magnetic) and it feels sturdy to the touch. I actually already dropped it twice without causality and each palette is numbered, with a total of 3000 made; cool enough: mine was #36 so I feel I have been granted a second cousin status with Viseart or something.

Initial thoughts: price is going to look scary to some, specially given the recent proliferation of inexpensive shimmer formulas and large china made palettes dropping for coins. I’m going to break this down so you make your own decisions based on whether you will find a use for it or not.

Yes, its pretty but I feel this is more catered for the professional makeup artist than the common next door makeup fiend, you will still need mattes and let’s be honest, nobody in regular life needs this many shimmering things all at once.

COLUMN 1: The Crystalline Highlighter is a sheer satin formula designed with a multi-layered crystal fleck ideal for highlighting eyes or cheeks.

This column even has a slightly duochrome teal blue / silver. It was soft and easy to work with.

Swatch reel:

COLUMN 2: The Prismatic Metallics are a medium to full coverage reflective formula layered with a larger prismatic fleck.

This row has a large metallic glitter component, please use a glitter glue or a really consistent mixing medium as otherwise this will have fallout. I personally think the shades would’ve been just fine without the glitter. The 4th shade (dark foiled blue) had a lot of pickup when swatched.

COLUMN 3: The Chromatic Foils are a full coverage formula created with a highly reflective, polished finish.

This row was excellent. A true foil that went on smooth even dry but full on foiled effect with a wet brush.

COLUMN 4: The Luxe Metallic formulas are medium to full coverage with a rich jeweled-tone pigment payoff.

This row has mainly jewel tones and not as bright and foiled as the previous row, more of an enhanced satin finish.

COLUMN 5: The Celestial Duo-Chromes are a sheer to medium satin formula designed with a dual-colored prism creating a transcendent movement of color.

This was my favorite column!!!! But you knew this already because I will hand over my first born at the sound of a duochrome being Swatched in the distance. The first shade has a slight pink within the bronze that was hard for me to capture, the rest of the shades were more obvious and with a slight swatch, you were able to get full on duochromatic finish. I build this up to show tone.

Massive amounts of swatches:

COLUMN 6: The Glittering Toppers are a sheer to buildable matte formula with a large glitter complex ideal for layering on the center of the lid, inner corner of the eye, or lips. This formula is recommended for use with a shadow transformer or sealer to set the reflective particles and maximize textured reflectivity.

take a deep breath – rant coming.

This column was my least favorite, its matte with a ton of glitter and it definitely needs more than a mixing medium. A glitter glue would be best, but I didn’t personally like most of the combinations of glitter shades with the base either ( I did like the first shade, the red with gold glitter), I think the glitters are too large and contrasting color wise, and the size is large enough that its noticeable if its not even, so you have to apply a large amount to make the glitter uniform and not look a mess or bunched up.  Have I told you that I get ready in less than half hour? not by choice – I have a child and a patienceless husband so I have to choose one: glitter/lashes/wing not all three, if I choose wing, I wont have time to put on lashes or deal with glitter.

I used the mixing medium here and I still dispersed glitter everywhere: the husband, the baby, two out of three dogs had glitter;  he calls it “fairy herpes” it just never goes away once I bust it out. He found glitter on this day’s tacos. I CRY.  Honestly, at this point he needs to accept he lives in a blogger house and its just part of the trade.

My thoughts on this column: it could’ve been eliminated and knocked $30 down of the price and it would’ve been perfect.

Overall: I did like it a lot, its going to make my holiday extra ritzy, im going to brag about it to everyone that asks me. Did I need it? probably not, as I don’t do pro makeup, and because I have purchased or received a ton of shimmery palettes already.  I LOVED 4 out of the 6 columns/finishes, the remaining two: the glittery ones, its basically cause I prefer using actual glitters on top of shadows than shadows with glitter incorporated within.

Buy it if : you’re a pro, a Viseart addict,a dupochrome fiend like me, or if you already have the Grande Pro I which will pair well with, or if foiled looks are your thing, because you will have so much to play with here.

Don’t buy: if you are a matte lover, perhaps consider Viseart’s other palettes which are hands down the best Matte formula I have personally tried, or if you already have tons of the shimmery palettes that have dropped recently.

Iphone pictures (Im adding these because it has a dif lighting).

Let me know in the comments if you are getting! and thank you for using our links to shop Viseart Grande Pro II At Muse Beauty Pro HERE


  1. Great review! I am a Viseart addict — I have all their palettes including the Grande Pro 1 — but I thus far have passed on Grande Pro 2 because I love matte eye shadows. I do like metallics but I hate glitter (your description of fairy herpes and getting that sh*t everywhere is dead on) and I could never get those shadows to look as good as you did. But I might cave at some point when I need (more) retail therapy.

    I totally get having to get ready in less than 1/2 hour since I live with similarly impatient boyfriend and four cats (two of which are kittens) that I adore and completely distract me. Nevermind winged liner, I’ve forgotten to put mascara on while rushing to get done and then I get to work and wonder how that happened.


  2. Ok, so I treated myself to this as a reward for a serious declutter, because I wear shimmers on the lid every day, bolder the better (hooded eyes… this way I ‘look’ like I have a lid). Honestly, I think your swatch pictures are WAY better than the actual product. Now that I have it in hand, or had a had a trial period to play would it; I would not have spent the money. The glitters are SO pretty, pretty on your eyes, on your cheeks, on your clothes and everywhere the f*@# else. A lot of the colors are not so much ‘everyday wearable’, either. But, might push me out of my comfort zone, and definitely will prevent me from jumping on impulse purchases in the future.


    • Yea which is why I said, I don’t think this is for the everyday common makeup wearer – this is more for a pro that’ll give use to the foils for glam looks. The glitters def need a glue. No medium or poison would keep it away from the rest of you and your family lol.


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