ColourPop X Disney Designer Collection

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They went there.

Disney princesses are a weakness of many and ColourPop cosmetics fetched that contract quicker than you can say BIBIDDI BABIDDI BOO! The result: special packaging and assortment of colors to pick according to your fav Disney princess, all inspired by the Premiere Series Designer Dolls.

I received the PR package which includes the palette, the foursome súper shock shadows, the Lux lip set and the glosses; but there will be two highlighters as well as two additional super shock shadows. Everything will be available individually as well as the bundles: 120 for the PR kit, there was an earlier bundle that did not include the highlighters for $110 without the PR BOX but this is all preliminary and I’m sure there will be other sets arranged as release happens. ALL is dropping 9/28 10am PST.

Everything has special packaging, even the Lux lipsticks got a revamping

Let’s dig in before I spill all my thoughts all at once.

The glosses

Bibbidi is a clear gloss with gold specks, which we have seen a ton off lately and yes/ the theme being magical princesses etc but come on! It’s gorgeous but you have a million in your stash by now.

Bobbidi: is a light coral cream gloss, my favorite shade but unfortunately, it settled on my lips quite a bit.

Boo: a cream gloss in a pink mauve, very fall appropriate and multiple skin tones friendly

The applicators are the old school wands:

More pics on the packaging:

The Lux lipsticks come in a set or $7 each. The prices of the set have not been disclosed at the close of this blog post. The packaging of the Lux lippies has been updated with signatures of each princess.

The shades:

The shades for the most part made sense: deep red for Snow White (her lips were notoriously red as blood, per story) and cool pink for Cinderella (girl needed something to match her icy blue dress she only got to wear til midnight, fairy godmother figured she at least got to slay before cocktails), a nude mauve for Belle who wasn’t a makeup maven, and whose only stint with glamour was a yellow dress.

Now my two cents: hot pink for Jasmine? Although I do love the shade itself, Idk, I would’ve like to have seen her shade be a deep tan rusty orange and Ariel with a bright red coral like her hair (technically, it wouldn’t match because it would be overkill if she actually WORE it). And burgundy for Tiana? I mean it’s fall and all, but even a sparkly burgundy would’ve been a bit more suiting and fun, we set the poor girl for failure with an overdone color. She KISSED A FROG FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE!!!!

Some more pictures:

Yea, I had a cut on my arm from mirror knows what…

Rant over.

The super shock shadows! The PR Set only had the foursome but there are additional 2 shades releasing, I’mma try to score them to swatch the whole thing.

The packaging is black, will be sold as individuals as well $5 each

I LOVED the foursome. If you want to pick a few things only, to honor the everlasting fantasy of princesses and the sort; I recommend the SSS, and if you must: the palette.

The packaging resembled starry skies in black deco box with stars twinkling. The four shades are:

SO THIS IS LOVE : a champagne rose gold mix

ALMOST THERE a brown with silver foil sparkle!

BE OUR GUEST : duochrome warm pink with lavender sparkle

A WHOLE NEW WORLD : duochrome lavender with teal and periwinkle

More pics!

The palette. $20 ” A Princess Thing”

At first I thought it was a snoozefest, with a lot of nude shades but once you swatch it, there’s plenty to play with even some duochromes.

The middle row was particularly tricky, there is some fallout so I recommend wetting your brush or even using a mixing medium.

Let’s break it down by sections:

First row

You got your base colors, and that forth shade “TRITON” is a rich satiny Brown that’s uber delish

Second row

Thread lightly with the first three shimmers, wet the brush if possible. The other two were fairly nice and stuck better to the eye.

Third row

These were gorgeous and as much as I usually hate the “matte with sparkle” shades, the last two colors were stunning enough that I’ll let the formula pass.

Overall: it’s a pretty palette but it’s not groundbreaking enough for me to tell you it’s a MUST.

Get it if: you’re a hardcore Disney fiend, love classic looks for your eyes, are a fan of soft frosted looks.

Don’t get it if: you have a lot of palettes already, this is just going to sit. You crave more colors and matte Smokeys.

Swatch reel:

Let me know if you’re getting and what you’re getting?? I’m planning on purchasing the highlighters and the remaining super shocks!

drop is 10am pst at Colourpop’s website and is already launched at DISNEY (click here)


  1. Can I just say WOW! You have the best quality swatches I have ever seen online, I will definitely be looking you up for future swatches I love that you do a good number of them too! Great work 🙂


  2. I’m planning on purcashing one of the highligthers and the palette😃 Probaly don’t need it but I love disney​ so I just need to have it on my vanity😂😂


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