Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette: Review and Swatches

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Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette ($49)

Ya’ll…. I was not even ready for this. Just the other day we were dissecting this palette and debating whether or not we needed it our lives. I was thinking that we’d have until late October or November to deliberate but na. That shit dropped last week and mine has already arrived! Ps. We copped one for a giveaway too. Go follow us on ig to enter!

It definitely looks friggin gorgeous but I’ve got trust issues with Too Faced. They just played me last week with that White Peach abomination…

Firstly, it swatched beautifully with the exception of Frostbite Me. That one is kind of a chunky mess. I had to finger swatch it because it was impossible with a brush. On the eyes, I’d say that you’d need to use a sticky base and your fingertip. Unless you want a face full of sparkly white mica, of course. The rest of the shimmers are all really nice. A few seem to be a new formula for TF, the cranberry/copper/gold duochrome on the bottom in particular. It has a really emollient ‘foiled’ texture. It applies well with a brush but on the eyes, I’d probably use it over a glitter glue for maximum color pay off and to prevent fall out.

The mattes are a mixed bag. They all swatched well but the light shades aren’t great on eyes. Sugar Daddy is bad. Powdery af with mediocre color pay off. And I was also disappointed by Lookie at my Cookie and Oh Snap! Those two weren’t awful but they required a good bit of building which is disappointing as they’re beautiful colors. The rest performed well. I was especially impressed with Gumdrop and Figgy Pudding. Okay. Let’s go through shade by shade and I’ll give you a thorough run down.

Powdered Sugar is a matte cream. It’s fine. Not exceptional but not bad either. Just your basic matte setting shade

Spiced Eggnog is a champagne satin. Nice pigmentation and texture

Gumdrop is a bright pink matte. It has a slightly dry texture but not in a bad way. What I mean is that it feels and performs like a pressed pigment, which generally have a higher concentration of… eh… pigment? and less emollients. It doesn’t have a super creamy texture but I’m impressed with the color pay off and blendability.

Gingerbread is a medium red brown with orange undertones. Think MUG Cocoa Bear, Mac Brown Script etc.

Warm & Toasty is a metallic yellow gold with a formula similar to the shimmers in the Chocolate Gold palette.

Ooo Burn! is a deep plum with gold sparkle and a creamy metallic finish. It reminds me of a shade in the Norvina palette.

I mentioned Frostbite Me in the intro…. because it’s really not a Too Faced palette without at least one fucked up shade. It’s a really pretty, sparkly white color that’s very holiday appropriate but the formula sucks. But if you use a sticky base and your fingertip, you should be able to make it work.

Lookie at my Cookie is a light salmon pink with a matte finish. It swatched great but I had to really pack it on to reach opacity on the eyes. I love the color but I wish that it was more pigmented

Spice is Nice is a bright terracotta matte and wow! This baby is pigmented. The first time that I used this palette I made a mess of myself. I started out with Cookie and had to reapply it at least three times to reach the level of intensity that I wanted. Next I used this shade and went in all gung ho not accounting for the inconsistency in pigmentation. Which is kind of annoying. One shade you need to build up and the next you have to use sparingly. Anyway. The orange is nice!

Oh Snap! is a light saddle brown with pink undertones. It has gold glitter too but it mostly blends away. It’s not as sheer as Cookie but I do wish that it was a little more pigmented. I found that I got better color pay off when I didn’t set my base. Thanks Plouise!

Bake It ‘Til You Make It is a deep foiled copper. The texture is very creamy, it adheres well to bare skin and applies nicely with a firm brush.

Spice of Life is a metallic olive bronze. It almost seems duochrome because in some lighting it looks completely olive and in others it looks bronze.

Sugar Daddy is a matte powder pink. It’s a dusty mess. 👎

Figgy Pudding is an intense eggplant matte. The texture feels a bit more creamy than Gumdrop and it’s just as pigmented and blendable

Hot Toddy is the eye catcher of the palette. It’s a bright cranberry pink with a copper to gold shift and an ultra metallic finish. The texture is a little chunky though so I’d probably use it with a glitter glue.

Reindeer Paws. What a stupid name. It’s a deep neutral brown with a matte finish. No complaints other than the name.

Gingerbread Latte is a soft camel brown. Nice pigmentation and formula.

Spiced Rum is a deep bronze with a hint of silver sparkle. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this shade and the texture is a bit crumbly. I didn’t have any major issues with it but it’s a shade that you may want to use wet to prevent fall out.

I’ve heard people compare this palette to one of the Colourpop palettes (I can’t remember which) but I was personally reminded of the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette, especially the bottom row.

Recap- I thought that two shades sucked (Sugar Daddy, Frostbite Me) and two others weren’t as pigmented as I’d like (Oh Snap!, Lookie at my Cookie). I’ve noticed that lighter colors tend to be problematic for TF. But other than that I was happy with the rest of the palette especially Gumdrop, Figgy Pudding and Hot Toddy. Spice is Nice, Bake It ‘Til You Make It and Spice of Life are really pretty too. Oh and I wish that there was another transition color. Sugar Daddy is bad, Lookie at my Cookie isn’t very pigmented and Spice is Nice, Oh Snap and Gingerbread Latte are a little too dark for me. Whatelse did I want to say… oh the scent! It’s very light and smells more chocolatey than spicey. That’s kind of whatever for me but I know that a lot of people have strong opinions about scents.

Overall I like it. The pops of color work really well with the neutrals and although it’s clearly a warmed toned palette, there’s a good bit of variety for creating different looks. I think it’s an upgrade from their previous holiday palettes and I’m enjoying it. What do guys you think? Would you pay $50 for this palette?


  1. LOVE this review and all your brilliant pictures/swatches. Hot Toddy is absolutely beautiful and it’s not really a colour I’d normally pick for my eyes, but it’s just glorious looking. I hadn’t bought any TF for ages, then fell for their unicorn/festival range and pretty much bought the whole lot (for looks more than the actual product!), but I used the e/s palette recently and again although they aren’t usually colours I’d go for, I was really impressed. The whole gingerbread theme is really pulling me in here, I think I might get it!


  2. Oh my god, you and the way you write is everything that I have been looking for in life. I’ve followed you on insta for quite a while and didn’t even realize that I followed your blog until I saw you on my reader all of a sudden. I noticed your comment about the TF White Peach palette in there, and while I haven’t read your full review yet, I HATED that palette. I purchased it right in January when it came out and it was awful. Can’t wait to read your review to feel vindicated, since so many people liked it!

    I totally appreciate this thorough overview. I was totally interested in this palette from the get-go, but guess what!? I’m not ready for Christmas packaging yet!! I am very annoyed that this got released IN THE SUMMER!!! If it is still floating around in November when I am actually in the mood to use a Holiday-themed palette, I might just pick it up. But here’s hoping I can talk myself out of it because there are so many things to purchase! But I really do love the colour story of this palette. It’s too bad those transition mattes don’t perform as well though. Although, who doesn’t already have those shades in their collection.


    • 🤣🤣🤣 I went pretty hard on my white peach review. I think that subliminally I’m continuing to buy tf palettes because I get a sick joy out of writing bitchy reviews. This one isn’t bad but there’s so many options available to us these days. Why should we pay $50 for palette when 25% of it performs poorly??

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      • Haha I would not be surprised, especially when it is so easy to return items to places like Sephora!! Little risk, so much sweet sweet reward (of writing bitchy reviews). You’re right, when you put it that way the Gingerbread palette definitely sounds less attractive.


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