Single Shadow Collection!

Since it’s been raining for the past 100 years and I haven’t been able to swatches, I figured that we could take a looksie at my single shadow collection! Yes I know. It’s ridiculously large. That’s what she said. Thank God people stopped saying that shit. It used to drive me nuts.

Before you come for me, I’m not a makeup hoarder. If I’m not going to use something, it gets adopted out to a new family. I give stuff to friends and donate to @project_beauty_share. But the one thing that I hold on to is single shadows and palettes because I do lots of dupe posts and comparisons. Also I don’t worry about expiration dates because powder products are extremely to sanitize. These are all shitty camera phone photos but I think they’ll suffice. I divided collection up into a few sections that we’ll discuss below.

Okay let’s start the tour!

Part 1: Indie Highlighters

Actually there’s a few eyeshadows in the one palette too. These are from Looxi, Devinah, Clionadh, F.A.I.R. Beauty, Touch of Glam Beauty, Beauty Escape Cosmetics, Love Luxe, Vanessa’s Vanity and Beautybarbaby. I mostly organize by brand but there’s a few that I just kinda sneaked in wherever I could find space. Actually I should declutter some of these because I don’t use a lot of them and I don’t do as many highlighter comparisons. I have a really hard time getting rid of indie stuff though. There’s something so special about handmade products, especially nowadays. Also they’d be difficult to donate. Same with single shadows. I love donating to women’s shelters but unless I going to give away my palettes too (which I’m not. I need dem shits.) there would be storage issues. Okay, I feel better now. I had to convince myself that it’s okay to keep 200 single highlighters. Sorry. I write the same that I talk, just a running stream of consciousness. The pink palettes were from Devinah but they aren’t for sale anymore.

Part 2: Blushes

These are my single blushes and a few contour pans. I have another blush palette but I didn’t include it because it’s for work. And it was in my car and I’m lazy. The smallest palette has Inglot pans, the middle sized palette has Nabla pans and the big guy is mac and mug. I use blush on my eyes all the time even though many of these aren’t considered ‘eye safe’. Real G’s don’t fear red lake #7. The heart palette is from Altair Beauty and it may or may not still be available. I’m really not sure. And the big one is from MUFE. They discontinued their metal palettes that I loved so much and replaced them with a new version that’s half the size, double the price and shit quality. Snarls.

Part 3: These are my ‘weird size’ pans. The big square palette is from Inglot. The little square palette above it the MUG power pigments. I wish that those pans weren’t square. I understand that wanted to differentiate them from their regular mattes but I would use them so much more if they were stored in my staple palette (which we’ll look at later). But they don’t fit properly so they’re banished to a little palette all by themselves. Next to the power pigments is Nabla shadows and the palette below Inglot is also Nabla. On the right side of the photo, the two palettes with round pans are from Strobe Cosmetics and the square pans are from F.A.I.R. The palette that they’re in is from MUG. They’re expensive ($28) but they’re the nicest palettes in my collection. Very bougee. Also we have an affiliate code with Makeup Geek now. BEAUTYCULT for 10% off. The little palette to right is only thing in my collection that I depotted. Remember those lime crime superfoils? They were getting rusty or moldy or some shit so LC pulled them. I think the compacts that they came in were part of the issue. They were getting humid or something. Idk. The mirrors would fog up and shit. I decided to depot mine and they’re still mold/rust free.

Part 4: Large Pans

Starting with the huge palette in the middle! That bad boy is from Adept Cosmetics. If you’re in the market for magnetic palettes, that’s the brand that I recommend. They’ve got unusual designs and they’re well made and surprisingly inexpensive. We have an affiliate code with them, BEAUTYCULT for 15% off. Okay so the shadows in the huge palette are all from Devinah. That palette above that one is my baby. I love those shadows. They’re from a bunch of brands. A lot of Saucebox, some of the old MUFE pans that are also discontinued, Suva Beauty and Sugarpill. The little sephora palette below big daddy has Clionadh shadows, I think. Top left is a Juvia’s Place palette with mostly Juvia’s single shadows. Below it are mostly Saucebox shadows. Top right is Love Luxe and below it is a hodge podge palette. There’s some morphe shadows in there, JD Glow, Makeup Addiction Cosmetics etc.

Part 5: Looxi, Devinah etc

The little purple palette is Johnny Concert shadows. The black palettes below and to the right are Coastal Scents and Mac. And all the rest are from Devinah and Looxi!

Part 6: Everything Else

The upper left palette is a miscellaneous palette with overflow pans. I try to keep all brands seperate so that it’s easier for me to find what I’m looking for. But the numbers don’t always work out. Below it is Colourpop shadows and the blue palette is MUG. The bottom palette in that row is Mac. The top palette in the next row is Beauty Escape Cosmetics. The last three palettes are double sided and they’re from Adept Cosmetics. The middle two are the ones that I use the most and the shadows are from ABH and MUG. I combined brands in this case for convenience and organized them by tone, one warm and one cool. And the final palette on the bottom is Colourpop. I dig the double sided palettes because they make it easy to organize by finish. You can keep the mattes seperate from shimmers so that you don’t get flecks of sparkly shit on them.

I’ve got a bunch of new stuff coming this week too. New collections from Looxi and Devinah and Sydney Grace, a brand that I’ve been meaning to try for centuries, is sending me some products for review. Every time I get new stuff, I end up having to reorganize slightly. I’ve tried to organize by color but it was annoying af. I find that it’s much easy to find what I’m looking for when I organize by brand. And that’s all she wrote! I hope that you guys enjoyed looking at some makeup porn. Fingers crossed that it stops raining soon so that I can get caught up on swatches!


  1. Wow! I do have a question about the magnetized palettes — are the ColourPop shadows magnetised the same as the ABH shadows? I have some ABH quads that I just started putting Coastal Scents shadows into, and I want to acquire some ColourPop but I’m not sure if they’ll be able to be stored in the same place.


  2. Oooh so excited to see your Sydney Grace swatches! I’ve got mattes from Looxi, Devinah, Colourpop, and a couple other brands, but Sydney Grace mattes are my absolute favorite.


  3. Oh… My… goodness. Have you ever seen anything so amazing???

    I’ve been moving towards singles more now, because I spend too much money on palettes that don’t have colors I need. (A little dupe advice is all you REALLY need!). I too am going through the ‘how do I organize?” ordeal. My collection was all MUG and Colourpop, and then I took the 2-sided Adept and sorted them by matte/shimmer. Except then I found myself going WTF, where’s peach smoothie? Where’s Now and Zen? So now I moved them by brand. And THEN I ordered 15 Looxi’s, followed by gulp 30 more with their surprise 50% off sale. Now, I’m not going to fit into this palette (and then I have dreams of depotting all my colourpop palettes as well. I’m considering maybe making some mini sticker/map sheets for color names. But then will I get PO’ed when I need to rearrange? lol. Probably. But, everytime I move shadows I always did the EFF out of one of them so I should do that less.

    The entire goal is to get one box, pick it up, and take it without worrying. I doubt I’ll ever actually achieve that lol!


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