Lemonhead LA: the last shades I was missing!! swatches and discount code.

Press sample and purchased items. Affil code, affil and non affil links.

Lemonhead LA is a company that decided glitter should be used for everyone, not just the children and the overtly extra. That everyone should be able to apply it easily and remove it afterwards without drama! GLITTER FOR THE MASSES! so they invented a formula that makes it easy to apply, without fallout, with full on density at first swipe and then the stuff comes out with a cotton pad and micellar water. Easy as pie, so in the  morning, the only evidence of your boogie nights are on the pictures on your cell phone.

I did a previous swatch party here on the blog and also here and for the latest shade here.   These were the shades I did not have previously that Megan from Lemonhead sent me, and the Alcone Exclusive: Alconeholic, which I purchased from Alcone directly.

You can purchase Lemonhead LA from MUSE BEAUTY PRO, CULT BEAUTY or directly from their site LEMONHEAD LA.

We have 10% off affil code BEAUTYCULT if you decide to shop from their home site.

The swatches!

SILVERLAKE is a bright true to color silver shade

PARADISE COVE used to be called Paradise Beef and since it reminded me of a food platter, I kinda never got it. Its a gold base glitter with multiple particles in green, blue, magenta and giant gold hexagons

DIRTY PENNY is a bright copper space paste

VIOLET HOUR: is their newest shade, a warm violet.

Think thats all this shade packs in? it looks amazing paired with HOUDINI

or Adult Film.

MARINA is a glowjam, which means it glows under UV light. unfortunately, I lost the video I made with the UV light which means I gotta swatch that again soon for ya.

MALIBU is a royal blue space paste. I am very partial to blue, I think its such an underestimated shade but think smokey black lids with this, think putting it on your hair..

GUNSHOW is a dark grey glitter perfect for smokey eyes, but between this and GROUPIE I preffer GROUPIE.

ALCONEHOLIC is a jam with teal and pink particles, different angles give you different shades to look at. a total rager.

Swatch reel:


let me know if you already use/love Lemonhead and what looks you are doing!??

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