Ofra Cosmetics All Glowed Up Highlighter Palette – swatches and % off!!

Press Sample. Affil code

BACK IN STOCK! Ofra Cosmetics ALL GLOWED UP palette!!!!

This handy portable palette houses Ofra’s must have set of highlighters: Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Blissful and Star Island, With a huge mirror to boot and sleek sturdy white packaging.

The first five shades are all Beverly Hills:

This is a repromoted spiral highlighter with basically all you could ever want as a highlighter. Like ever.

BLISSFUL is a rose gold

RODEO DRIVE is a classic gold.

STAR ISLAND is a champagne gold

Ofra is known for their highlighter formula, you need very little to beam so bright you’d think you should walk around handing out sunglasses.

The palette retails at $49 but comes out to $41 using our affil code BEAUTYCULT. .

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