Nabla Cosmetics ‘The Matte Collection’: Swatches and First Impressions

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Nabla Cosmetics ‘The Matte Collection’

When I look at this new collection of matte shadows from Nabla Cosmetics, the first word that comes to mind is cozy. The color story brings to mind soft sweaters, leaves crunching under boots…pumpkin spice lattes… yes, I’m a basic bitch. What of it? But I’ll have you know that I only wear uggs out of necessity. We get lots of snow in the north east. It’s currently 80 degrees and I’m wearing flip flops… but this collection has me ready for fall!!

The collection is available now and consists of 12 matte eyeshadows with two different formulas (matte and super matte) and a cute magnetic palette with a feather pattern. The Matte eyeshadows are completely matte and easy to blend. They’re designed to give a soft and delicate effect. The Super Mattes are highly pigmented, completely opaque eyeshadows that are ideal to create an intense look. They’re more finely milled which gives them a more velvety texture. The new collection is all Super Matte except for Coconut Milk, Leon and Kids.

The eyeshadows are €7.90 each (approx $9.20 usd). There’s also a bundle option for €74 or about $88 usd. Nabla is an Italian company but they offer worldwide shipping that’s extremely reasonably priced and lightening fast! However Nabla is unable to sell their magnetic palettes in the US. I hear that it’s because z palette has a patent on magnetic palettes with windows in the US. You can also buy their products from Beautybay. They ship to the US for only $5 or free on orders $30+. And it appears that they do ship magnetic palettes to the US. I was able to add them to my cart and no warnings came up.

Pitch Black is a exactly what the name suggests.

Chiaroscuro is a deep slate gray

Cinnamon is another no brainer

Kids is a light peachy nude. On me. Nude comes in many shades obviously. A light peachy beige. How’s that?

Coconut Milk is ivory.

White Truffle is a medium brown with olive undertones

Capsize is mauve

Leon is a rosey brown.

Poetry is periwinkle with violet undertones

Artemisia is a deep dusty rose

Verve is a matte rose

Chérie Shape is a deep eggplant

I’ve only used about half of them so far (I wanted to get swatches posted awhile) but I can tell you now that Nabla’s single shadows are bomb. The quality is excellent and all of their products are cruelty free and vegan! My initial favs are Poetry, Verve, Chérie Shape, Artemisia and White Truffle. What about you?? Are any of these shades calling your name?

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