Fall 2018 Popsugar Must Have Box Review

Popsugar recently switched from a monthly box to a quarterly box. As a long time Popsugar subscriber, I’ve got mixed feelings about this. I really enjoyed getting my box every month but the new quarterly boxes have been amazeballs! It’s definitely a pricey box at $75 but the items in the fall box are worth almost $400 and I’m crazy about mostly everything that I’ve gotten since they made the switch. Also if you sign up through my referral link, you’ll get $20 off your first box bringing the price down to a more reasonable $55. Okay! Let’s examine the contents of this bitch!

First of all the box is nice. Very sturdy with magnetic closures. I repurpose mine for storing seasonal items in my closet. Am I the only one that does that? Saves nice boxes?

It also comes with a booklet explaining each item.

Item number 1!

Soia & Kyo Larisa Scarf ($75)- this is a big ass scarf that I wasn’t even going to attempt to photograph in its entirety. It’s beautiful and feels very luxe. Honestly I’m surprised that the retail price isn’t over $100. It’ll make a bomb gift for the mother in law. I actually really like this scarf but I have no idea how to wear something like this. My instinct would be to cover my whole head and then take a nap in public. Kinda like how you’d cover a bird cage. I suspect that’s not how it works though so it’s best that I regift it. And holy shit! I think my mother in laws birthday is on the 21st. Thank the gods for this blog post or else I would’ve forgotten!

Jules Smith Jane Cuff ($90)- you have the option to choose this cuff in gold, rose gold or silver. Mine is rose gold. I like simple jewelry like this. I’ll definitely wear it. Assuming that I have an occasion to wear something other than lululemon and nikes.

Tarte Cosmetics Tight & Bright Clay Multi-mask ($40)- this is a double mask, half clay and half ‘hydrating’. Whatever that means. You’re supposed to apply the clay portion to whatever areas you’d like to mattify and the hydrating portion every where else. I have it on my face now so we’ll see what happens. It smells divine and the packaging is gorg. Also the Tarte Knockout acid toner thingy is my favorite so now I’m open to trying more Tarte skincare.

Tribe Alive Leather Marbled Valet Tray ($58)- Tribe Alive is a really cool brand. All of their products are made by female artisans around the world, providing at-risk women with living wages. This is a little tray with snap details meant as a catch all for your keys, change etc.

I’ll most likely use mine for ig flat lays.

The Casey Phone Pocket ($15)- this is a card case with 3M adhesive backing for your phone. I like the idea of it but it makes me nervous for some reason. I like leaving my phone lay around all over the place. Which is stupid enough already. I don’t need to lose my license and credit cards too. I’ll either give it to the mother in law or add it to the giveaway stash.

Lipstick Queen Manic Mauve ($25)- gasp! How gorgeous is this lipstick?! Lipstick Queen is big on that color changing schtick. Which is fun and all but not something that I take seriously.

But I can definitely co-sign with this beautiful marbled pattern. I haven’t used it yet because I still want to take a good macro shot for the gram but I looked up swatches online and it’s lovely. I’m excited.

Umbra Pendant Scarf Hanger ($12)- I’m super excited about this thingy too. It’s an accessories hanger for scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, keys etc. I have all my head scarves and spare sunglasses on mine.

Hum Nutrition Killer Nails Supplement ($10)- I’m not a believer in supplements. I prefer to get my nutrients from food. But it was free (not really. I paid for the box but you know what I mean.) so eff it. I’ll give it a try.

Liz Claiborne Sloane Rose Gold Sunglasses ($32)- I love these sunglasses too. I have a very similar pair from Marc Jacobs (I think?) but I’m happy to have a back up.

Bliss Makeup Melt Wipes ($7)- word. Makeup wipes are always welcomed in my home.

Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs ($4)- I was actually ridiculously excited about these bleach packs. They’re just like tide pods but with clorox. I went on a merry little bleaching spree today and washed towels, sheets, white curtains etc. And then I popped one into my toilets to clean and deodorize my bathrooms. Good times. No, seriously. These are dope and buying them in bulk from now on.

K. Hall Designs Lavender Sachet– and last but not least, this delicious lavender sachet that now lives in my bra drawer. I love lavender.

Popsugar is $75 a quarter ($55 for your first box) and the value of the fall box is $370! Not too shabby. I love everything in the box except the scarf and the phone card thing and now I don’t have to go shopping for my mother in laws birthday! Winning! I seriously loooooooove this box. I’ve said the word love at least 47 times in this post. Somebody get this bitch a thesaurus! Over the years I’ve been introduced to dozens of my favorite products through Popsugar and it’s one subscription box that I’ll never cancel!


  1. You truly had me like cackling with laughter over throwing the scarf over your head like covering a bird cage. I can’t. Girl you have a way with words. And so excited for bleach pods. Like I literally would not be excited about a single thing in this box save for that pretty lipstick, but reading your descriptions of these boxes never fails to amuse the shit out of me!


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