Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit ‘The Wants’ and ‘The Needs’: First Impressions and Swatches

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Youtuber, Emily Noel, recently released her first ever collaboration with Makeup Revolution, The Emily Edit, consisting of an eyeshadow palette called The Wants and a face palette called The Needs. She explained that the inspiration for ‘The Edit’ came from her experience in news broadcasting, when she’d have to edit a story down to the key essentials for her audience. Similarly, her palettes edited out all of those unwearable or repeated shades that we often find in palettes, leaving only the best of the best. Sounds good to me! These were the first Makeup Revolution products that I’ve tried and I was super excited because I adore Emily Noel!

Revolution x The Emily Edit – The Wants Eyeshadow Palette ($20)

Emily said: “I wanted this palette to inspire but could also allow you to stay in your comfort zone. I wanted the perfect balance of light, medium and really rich dark shades. I want the colors to be buildable, so you can reach that level of intensity that you want. You can create countless looks and endless creativity.”

The Wants is encased in pale peach packaging with Emily’s signature in rose gold.

This is a big ass palette and it would take me forever to use every shade several times before writing a thorough review. That’s why I’m calling this a first impressions post. But I have used the palette twice and I’m not mad!

The Cream is exactly what its name suggests. It doesn’t have the best pigmentation but it’s buildable.

Hobby is a soft brown matte with yellow undertones.

Prayer is a muted salmon pink. I’ve used it several times already and love it. It reminds me of MUG Tuscan sun.

Grateful is a foiled mint green.

Good Vibes is a shimmery red copper

Side Hustle is soooooooo pretty! It’s a rich olive green with gold shimmer

Midwest is a soft orange matte. Love.

Dues Paid is a deep terracotta matte

Eve Rose is another fav of mine. It’s a warm lavender with a gold shift.

Bella Violet is a cool toned lavender with a shimmer finish

Capricorn is a deep shimmery bronze with red undertones

Pi Phi is probably my favorite shade in the whole palette. It’s a matte eggplant with a creamy texture and impressive pigmentation

Oh Heavens! is a pearlized champagne

Love Tons is a rich raspberry matte

Pizzazz is a foiled pinky purple. I love this one too.

Family is a deep purple matte. I was impressed by this one as well. Purple mattes are notoriously patchy so I was surprised by how smoothly Family applied.

Top Story is a foiled golden bronze with a creamy texture and excellent pigmentation

Apartment is a dark brown with neutral undertones

Cupcake is a satiny peach that reminds me of MUG In The Spotlight

Laughcry is a blood orange matte.

Cheer is a matte red. It’s similar to Love Tons but deeper and more red.

Heartbeat is a burgundy shimmer. It’s similar to Good Vibes but its more purple where as Good Vibes is more copper

Corduroy is a deep green matte with subtle blue undertones

Dark & Early is a soft matte black

All and all I’m impressed with this palette. The mattes aren’t insanely pigmented but they build really nicely which what Emily wanted. Some of the shimmers apply better with fingertips but that’s true for most palettes. I think Emily did an AMAZING job choosing the colors. It’s extremely versatile while also being cohesive. If I hadn’t received this palette in pr, I definitely would’ve bought it.

Revolution x The Emily Edit – The Needs Face & Eye Palette ($15)

Emily said: “The Needs is like the greatest hits of the brand… I’ve not seen Revolution do anything like this before and I thought it was something that was really called for… they’ve created so many great palettes, so let’s make the greatest hits from them all. This is what this is, in full face style.”

A multi-tasking palette full of positivity, featuring personal shade names that mean something to Emily: “I wanted every color to have an identity.”

The Needs is encased in pale pink packaging with Emily’s signature in rose gold.

I’m not as crazy about this one. I think the concept is genius and the color story is classic. If you have a light to medium skin tone, you could do your whole face using just this palette. I just gravitate more towards color than neutrals.

Courage is a warm toned bronzer. It’s fairly pigmented but works well on my fair skin if I’m light handed. It’s a smidge warmer than I prefer though.

Joy is a warm, peach blush with a matte finish. It’s also quite pigmented

Gratitude is a satiny pearl highlight. Meh. It’s not my favorite. It’s too light and subtle for my liking.

Kindness is a pressed translucent powder. It’s the same color as my skin so it doesn’t show up in swatches but it’s a decent setting powder

Honesty is a pretty peachy pink with a satin finish. It would be a beautiful blush if the pan wasn’t so small.

Passion is such a gorgeous color. It’s a dark bronze with red shimmer. Definitely my favorite shade in the palette. I do wish that they had done the layout a little differently though. Passion is super dark and pigmented and right below the setting powder. Several times I accidentally tapped the side of the pan with my powder brush and made a mess of my face.

Peace is a matte peachy beige.

Faith is a warm red brown, similar to MUG Cocoa Bear

Hope is a deep neutral brown

Love is a matte cream.

It’s a pretty palette with a few stand out colors. It would be great for someone with light to medium skin that travels a lot. Actually I can see a lot of girls and boys getting a lot of use out of it. I would’ve probably bought this too, to support Emily. And I do like it but I love the eyeshadow palette.

Emily has remained relevant in the beauty community for over decade by remaining true to herself. I love her personality and content and if you feel the same then I’d definitely pick up either The Wants or The Needs to show your support!


  1. That is a mega palette. Sometimes a palette is so big that it actually REDUCES my creativity rather than enhance it. There are so many options that I don’t know where to start. I do like these shades tho. Maybe a few more lighter ones?


  2. Emily is such a beautiful soul. Love her. I wasn’t really interested in these though bc Makeup Revolution isn’t a brand that speaks to me at all. You’ve definitely piqued my curiousity though now I want to check them out!


    • Samesies. This wouldn’t have been on my radar at all had it not been a collab with Emily. But I was honestly surprised. The face palette is kinda whatever to me but I like the eyeshadow palette enough that I’ve used it twice since writing the review.


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