Dawn Eye Cosmetics “Radio Star” Collection

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Dawn Eyes Cosmetics RADIO STAR COLLECTION is up for preorder!

There are two sets, a pigment and a glitter set. Each set has 6 items and it comes in a cardboard cassette casing. If you don’t know what that is, you’re too young to get any of the references on the names. I can’t help you, and you should sit with your parents and listen to their stories about the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, learn a thing of two about walking around the hood with your Walkman on looking for the squad to kick it on a corner.

Did I mention that if you get both sets, they come in a boombox!?? I didn’t take a picture and it’s late af, so I took Angela’s and she says anything, tell her to talk to the hand.

The cassettes have the names of each shade in the back!

This here is the TOTALLY RAD MIX (pigments)- comprised of 6 loose pigments: 3 shimmers, 3 mattes that coordinate without feeling repetitive, with a refreshing color story that’s shying away from dark and sultry into shades that will coordinate well with whatever neons you’ll be wearing this fall. You heard hay right, this fall we are color blocking neons with grays, browns and burgundy’s. The leaves will fall on us but you’ll still be wearing bright greens that will look fab with a monochromatic magenta on your lid.

DONT YOU WANT ME: a solid hearty medium toned seafoam green.

HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH: I’m singing this imagining the bright fall sun, a little mustard and washed out by the rain.


WALKIN ON SUNSHINE is a shimmery chartreuse.

HEART OF GLASS: is a duochrome!!! The fact that it’s raining and the lighting I used completely ignores that fact…

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN is a shimmery violet pink.

Some more pics of this set

The TOTALLY RAD MIX volume 2 is an all glitter fest:

KARMA CHAMELEON is a multi green glitter, it’s got an assortment of slytherin pride shades. From moss green to forest and lime.

867-5309 : it looks lavender or blue depending on the light… don’t call Jenny just yet.

CARIBBEAN QUEEN is a coral base with violet green and gold.

SWEET DREAMS: finally a name you can recognize right!?! Well the shade isn’t like anything done before

I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY is your classic disco purple. With a twist of blue and green and pink .. the list goes on.

JESSES GIRL: it’s the shade of light lime green, like when your pool needs the visit of your favorite young pool boy..

If you buy the sets separately, they come out to $25.50 ($30 originally) with our affil discount code: BEAUTYCULT.

Getting BOTH SETS (shadows AND pigments) is the best deal as they’ll come down to $42 for all of it, after discount.

👀👀👉There’s a preorder special going on too: from the list of existing glitters, pick your fave 2 and list them on the special instructions (notes) on your order, to get them for free with your RADIO STAR preorder!

Tell me your best 80’s/90’s memoir … let’s reminisce together on those beautiful decades, before bhad babie sang about Gucci flip flops, back when you had a curfew and rebelling had a cause other than a cool Instagram hashtag.

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