ColourPop Fall Edit – swatches and first impressions


Fall stuff!

You thought Colourpop was going to let the epicness of a fall collection behind? This is a swatch dump: meaning I haven’t tested this stuff but you need to see them before launch. I don’t have pricing yet! I’ll update this post when the prices are released.

👀👀👀This drops 9/13 10am PST. 👀👀👀

The collection will drop as bundles and as individuals.

It came with this cute little headband that is part of a movement to help kids recuperating from cancer.

Ok to the point:

CRUSH ON YOU- super shock highlighter palette. They said they found a way of keeping super shock from drying in a palette. I’m hyperventilating at the thought but they prob tested this Shit forever so I’m going to say: just make sure you close it and put it in the container. I can’t lie: I’m nervous.


The SUPER NOVA shades. Please note JUVENILE was rather sheer when swatching.


Will you be getting anything? All of it???


  1. That palette looks gorgeous and is giving me ABH Subculture vibes without the terrible fall out or patchiness I assume. The only item I’m on the fence about is the Super Shock Highlight palette and not because I feel they would dry out, but because I don’t think I can wear all of these colors.😕


  2. Fucking all of it. Lol. Ok maybe not but this is the first time in a bit I’ve been really interested in a CP collection. The zodiac one was gorgeous. But I think I might be more into this one. That palette!!!!!! And I can’t wait to see if the super shocks stay good in a palette. Most of mine are dried out even in the pots now ugh.


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