Too Faced ‘White Peach’ Palette: Review and Swatches

🍑Too Faced White Peach Palette ($45)🍑

I bought this palette during the Sephora sale because it was 50% off and with the 20% off code on top of that, it was only $18. I’ll buy anything if it’s on sale. I’ve used the palette three times now…. and what are my thoughts, you ask? I’ll take mediocre for $500, Alex!

I always say that you can never use swatches as a way to accurately judge performance and this palette illustrates that point perfectly. It swatched beautifully. The only color that was problematic when swatching was that foiled white in middle (Peach Ice).

It’s one of those chunky, emollient formulas that you really can’t use with a brush. Other than that, swatching was all smooth sailing. On the eyelids, it was a completely different story. First of all, there’s tons of kick up. Which I don’t even mind, as long as I’m using a highly pigmented eyeshadow. Unfortunately I found the pigmentation to be lacking.

This was just from normal use. I wasn’t beating the palette with my brush like it owed me money.

There’s too much great makeup in the world for me to justify reapplying my transition color 117 times in order for it to show up on my eyelid. Yes I’m exaggerating but not by much. And to be fair, it doesn’t help that most of the palette is nearly the exact same color as my skin.

I was able to do a half way presentable look. Nothing to write home about but I could leave the house without washing my face first. But it took entirely too much effort to produce a below average eye look. On top of having tons of kick up and piss poor color pay off, the lighter mattes also blend away to nothing.

Since my usual method of application with a blending brush wasn’t cutting it, I ended up packing on the color with a more densely packed brush and just barely softening the edges with the lightest touch that I could manage. The darker mattes, the mauve, taupe and gray black, performed better than the light shades but they still weren’t the quality that I’d expect from a $45 palette. The shimmers were fine. The white, in particular, was quite chunky but I don’t mind using my fingers. The one color that I loooooooove is Peach Passion, the deep purple with blue and pink sparkle. Gorgeous, interesting shade.

Glistening Peach, the rose with gold sparkle, is also really pretty but I’ve got dozens of similar shades.

Another part of the issue was that the first time that I tested it was at night and I used White Peach on one eye and the Pretty Vulgar Phoenix Rising palette (that I also bought during the sephora sale) on my other eye. The PV palette was really nice. Great pigmentation and easy to blend, just an all around user friendly palette. Using them at the same time really magnified just how shitty White Peach is. I’m also working on a review of Phoenix Rising and the UD Elements palette, so you’ll be seeing those later this week or next.

Too Faced has played me soooooooo many times with their damn palettes. The Nikkie Tutorials collab was garbage. The White Chocolate mini palette was so bad that whoever is responsible for creating it deserves to drive their car into a brick wall. And burn to death. In front of their family. That was sarcasm btw. The palette was abysmal but I don’t actually wish death upon any one. I officially ended my relationship with TF in my review of the PB and honey palette. I stopped buying TF for awhile but before too long, I took them back like the dummy that I am. And actually the last few palettes that I bought prior to this one were good. I love Peachy Mattes, Clover and Chocolate Gold. Unfortunately White Peach missed the mark for me but nonetheless the Gingerbread palette will be mine when its released later this fall!

Now to play devil’s advocate… I was able to produce an acceptable look, so it is possible. Also I chatted with a few girls on ig who have been loving this palette. Maybe I got a dud? Or they’re better at doing makeup than I am? Or maybe they’re just more patient? One thing that I know for sure if that life is too short for me to waste time trying to get a mediocre palette to work for me, especially when there’s so many eyeshadow palettes that are amazing.

In conclusion, I’m returning this and getting my $18 back.

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  1. I HATED this palette. So glad to finally find someone who agrees. I felt like the textures of the mattes were bizarre too. Too Faced shadows are usually pretty dry and dusty in my experience, which is just fine because they can be smooth, blendable and pigmented.
    These shades in the White Peach palette were entirely different. When swatching them, the shadows felt like they had a higher moisture content and were almost gel-like. I think this is the reason that these shadows performed so poorly in the crease. Yes, they pack on well onto the lid, because they are creamy. But the creaminess is also why they apply really sheer into the crease. They also accentuated texture where I tried to blend them. Weirdest palette I have ever used!


  2. LOL I love your reviews! And I 100% agree with you on this palette — it is crapola and I recently got rid of it. Shudder. I’m an eye shadow palette junkie and I literally have a hundred or so, so there is no reason to deal with this one.


  3. Maybe you should see if there is a dupe out there that looks just as good, has the right pigmentation and probably a lot less money. I have to admit I’ve never tried any Too Faced palettes, I just can’t justify paying the prices that they want for them, but this was definitely informative.


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