Lemonhead La VIOLET HOUR: swatches, review and $ off!

Purchased. Affil code.

I purchased Lemonhead LA’s VIOLET HOUR on the presale and it arrived this past Saturday. This is a glitter SPACEPASTE (gel? Concoction? Magic trick?unicorn spit? ) does not need a medium to apply and it dries to a perfect set glitter without fallout or creasing.

Idk how tf they do it, I’m obsessed and I have slowly purchased most shades or received them from the company or via Muse beauty pro

I did a swatch party of all the shades I had on THIS POST!! In case you want to check the others and make a cart, we have an affil code for 10% off: BEAUTYCULT.

This shade particularly is only on their main site and is in their new improved formula that promises longer wear.

The good: it applied easier somehow than the previous formula, allowing for glitters to lay flat easier which is a big deal with chunky glitters like this. It stayed on for about 8 hours until I removed it with micellar water – I was in an event and the rest of my makeup faded but my eyes were still popping.

Behold : VIOLET HOUR on the lid:

It didn’t fall out or decayed glitter all over my face and family. It stayed the f where I put it, it was so easy to apply with a small flat head brush.

The shade: a warm violet shade. I legit layered this with a few colors when I was testing it and it surprisingly coordinated with a lot of eyeshadows as base (red, pink, lavender, dark purple, light purple even gold..).

The bad: not even a bad thing, just me being the spoiled ass brat I am: it’s not duochrome and I want duochrome stuff in a spacepaste already! So I’m putting this out there so everyone joins in and request it!

The price: $22 and it comes out to $19 with our affil code BEAUTYCULT (at Lemonhead’s main site- click here ). .


Getting it? Let me know!

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