ColourPop Cosmetics Back To School sets! And my opinion on the inescapable drama in the beauty community…

Press sample

There’s a new ColourPop Collection just in time for the back to school frenzy and to officially say goodbye to summer. We can call this “Fall part 1” and don’t ask me why cause I can’t tell you why! Lols. (There’s more to fall…)

The collection consists in a súper shock shadow set, a lippie stix set and three liquid lips sets (two Ultra mattes, one metallic).


These seem like similar shades from previous releases at first glance, but they are all infused with a healthy dose of gold glitter – so it’s like your classic fall shades BUT OVERHAULED with a ton of gold in them now. Like an Ultra metallic version of shades past.

The Lip sets have liquid and solid versions – matte and Metallics. I hear Metallics are gonna be the thing this fall, but you can’t make me wear metallic matte shades. Get me a gloss and I’ll be happy… but then again, that used to be my jam back in early 2000… yo I’m feeling OLD.

Back at it (Ultra Matte)

Let me guess: Nudes, muted reds and warm burgundy’s. Fall in a can… groundbreaking.

Extra attention set (Ultra Matte)

I particularly liked this set because of the contrasting muted gray and dark navy teal, it’s def a tad different from the usual offering of terra-cottas.

OTW Set. (Ultra Metallic)

Varsity blues seems familiar! Like a metallic HIGHBALL!! I’m lured into its hot pinknesssss!

More pics and comparisons in dif lighting.


This was actually my recommendation if there is only one thing you can get, I personally am not a fan of the Ultra mattes because I feel they dry my already wrinkly lips and I haven’t tested these UML on my lips just yet so I can’t tell you if they are making my lips look like a potential butthole, as much as the shades look bombastic! But lippy stix formula is excellent and fool proof. This winter say no to butthole lips.

It’s got your classic fall shades, some pumpkin friendly colors and a pop of magenta, and a quintessential nude in the CREME finish to mask the dryness of the cold weather.

That’s it!!!!! I haven’t tested anything yet, but they dropped already and I figured y’all needed some decent swatches since it seems some people edit the Shit out of them (I’ve been told! I’m not throwing shade! I swear I’m not – im totally tooting my horn as swatch headmistress here).

Also since there’s a lot of drama with influencers going around and wether we are honest or being bought, refer to the beginning of every single post we have made where it says an item was a press sample or purchased and wether there are affiliate links.

No, we don’t get paid to post, neither here or in our instagrams. If we ever do a sponsored (paid) post, we will say so. That said: some of our blog posts have links that if you click them and buy things, we get a commission. It doesn’t affect you as a costumer and you’ll get the same product at the same price, but that brand sees you found them through us THUS validating our work here. It’s nice cause it helps pay things we buy with the sole purpose of reviewing and to let you know wether they suck or wether you need to make sure you get before they become a hot ticket item, but it’s not exactly paying our bills (we both got jobs that do that). Maybe one day Angela and I will be 60k per post bitches, and even then, we will still be unapologetic and real because we can’t be any other way.

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