Makeup Geek Pumpkin Spice Palette: Swatches and Discount Code

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For the past two years, Makeup Geek has released a fall themed eyeshadow bundle. They were a big hit both years so this time they decided to release an actual palette instead of just the eyeshadow pans. The Pumpkin Spice palette will be available next Thursday, September 6th. I haven’t gotten an answer on the price yet but I’ll update this post once I find out. My guess is around $39 because that’s how much the In The Nude palette is. Plus you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT save an additional 10%!

The palette, itself, is their standard cardboard 9-well palette. It has a good sized mirror and a protective plastic sleeve. They also sell the empty palettes on their website for $12.

The palette includes 7 of their signature shadows and 2 new shades, in a variety of finishes.

Buffed is a matte beige. It’s a relatively new shade. I think that they introduced as part of the In The Nude palette last year.

Early Bird is a light matte orange with yellow undertones.

Roulette is a pinky copper with a soft metallic finish

Dreamsicle is one the new shades. It’s a deep red toned coral with a matte finish. It’s basically the exact same color as fruit punch. Yum!

Untamed is brassy gold with a foiled finish.

Curtain Call is a deep cranberry with a foiled finish.

Jack-o-lantern is the second new shade. It’s a bright orangey coral with a satin finish.

Cocoa Bear is a midtoned brown with orange undertones.

Cherry Cola is a deep, red brown matte.

If you purchased all of these items separately, it would set you back $74 ($12 palette, 2 foiled shadows at $10 each and 7 regular shadows at $6 each). Like I said in the beginning, I’m not sure about the price yet but it’ll be cheaper than $74, I’d assume around $39. Plus they just started giving their affiliates discount codes so you can use one to save an additional 10%. Ours is BEAUTYCULT.

If you don’t already own these shades, then I would definitely recommend adding the Pumpkin Spice palette to your stash! Makeup Geek eyeshadows are by far my favorite formula, especially their mattes. And I love the color selection for fall. As of now, the two new shades are only going to be available as part of this set but I’d imagine that they’ll be available for individual purchase in a few months.


  1. I can’t wait, although I think I’m going to build my own palette with some of the new shadows. I don’t think Curtain Call and Roulette are colors for me. I’ll put Apple Pie, Dreamsicle, maybe Jack-O-Lantern and a few of the other more recent shades together. I’ll be sure to use your code. I recently used it on a Colourdraine purchase.


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