Adept Cosmetics Palette Comparison

Adept Cosmetics Palette Comparison

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I wanted to do a quick breakdown of some of Adept Cosmetics most popular palettes so you can decide which one is right for you! I don’t have a price listed for the 88 Pan Palette because it’s not available right now. They’re working on a resigned version that will be available in October. And keep in mind that you can use an affiliate code on top of those prices. Ours is BEAUTYCULT.

The 88 Palette was $24.99 but as I mentioned, they’re redesigning it. The new version will be available in October and will cost less than $30. It’s a large cardboard palette that can hold 88- 95 26mm pans depending on how you stagger them.

The Adept palette is available in black, blue or purple. It has two large magnetic panels with a clear divider in the middle. I love that it has a divider. That way you can keep your mattes separate and safe from little flecks of shimmer. The palette holds 106-112 eyeshadows or 58 highlighters or large eyeshadows. Adept has had these palettes for a few years (I think) but they recently redesigned them! The new version is heavier and more sturdy. There’s a harder UV coating on the outside to prevent scratching and a new logo. They also started using a stronger divider and magnets to keep the pans secure. My only complaint is that outside shows fingerprints very easily so you’ll want to keep a microfiber cloth nearby to wipe it off.

The marble palette holds 70 eyeshadows and it comes down to around $21 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT. That’s a great price, imo!

It’s a double sized palette with a large mirror, made of a sturdy cardboard material. Each side holds 35 eyeshadows (70 all together) and has a flap closure so that you can open one side at a time or both. The flaps fold all the way back so that you can prop the palette up like an easel. And it comes with 50 round metal stickers for depotting.

My personal favorite is The Adept Palette. It is on the heavy side but I like that. It feels sturdy, like I could bang it around a bit and it would keep my eyeshadows safe. I prefer The Adept and the Marble palette over the 88. I like being able to organize my eyeshadows in two parts by either color or finish and I find it difficult to find what I’m looking for in the huge 88 palettes.

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