Huge Tammy Tanuka Swatchfest!

If you follow me on instagram then you’re probably tired of hearing me rave over Tammy Tanuka. I can’t help it. Their stuff is amazing. I can’t remember the last time that I was this excited about makeup and I’m embracing it. #sorrynotsorry I decide to split this post in to two parts since I have about 200 photos that I want to show you. Yes. 200. Duochromes need to seen from every angle, damn it!

Okay so here’s the tea… Tammy Tanuka is an indie brand based out of Russia. Yes, Russia. I spent years stalking them on social media but I never ordered because I find their website to be intimidating af. It’s all in Russian and rubles (you know, because they’re Russian) and I’m an ignorant American that only speaks one language. And tbh I sometimes question my grasp of the English language. Anyway. You can use Google translate on the website but the prices are still in rubles. Am I spending $5 or $500? Who knows?? Luckily they also have an etsy store which is entirely in English and dollars! Hooray! Oh and if you’re having trouble with PayPal, check as a guest instead of logging into your account. For some reason I was having trouble checking out when I was logged in to my PP account and a few of you have said the same. But I’ve had no problems checking out as a guest.

Tammy ended up contacting me a few months ago about doing a review and I was all over that shit. They sent me an initial package and since then I’ve ordered three times and they’ve included a bunch of extras each time. So by now I’ve amassed a collection of about 85 of their pigments (plus I’ve got a huge package coming tomorrow). There’s only one thing that I don’t love about their stuff… the names on the jars are written in Russian. I use an app that translates the names to English but it isn’t always accurate. For example there’s one called ‘Passionate Lover’ but the app translated it as ‘Ardent Mistress’. I think that I caught most of the errors but there’s two that I labelled wrong, which I’ll point out when we get to them. Since I can’t read the names and I have the organizational skills of a tasmanian devil, I swatched a bunch of shades multiple times. Whomp whomp. But I actually think that it’s beneficial because duochromes will look different depending on what colors that you pair them with.

What else do I need to tell you… packaging. The jars come in two sizes. The smaller size (1 gram?) is $4.50 and the larger size (2 grams?) is $7. Except for their Chromatic line (supershifters), those are only sold in the smaller sized jar and they’re $12. Both sizes come with the same decorative black lids. Another nice touch is that they wrap each order in a beautiful and creative fashion. Below are my first three orders.

Also shipping times… my four orders have all arrived between two and three weeks but they say to allow up to a month. Their processing times are lightning fast but the shipping process is slow. Luckily they provide tracking info so that you can monitor the progress. It’s a long wait but their products are well worth it, I swear! Okay. I think I’ve covered everything. Onto the good stuff!

I’m starting with the Chromatic series. These are the ones that cost $12 instead of $4.50. I have 9 but I think that they have around 20 shades in total. I’m not even going to attempt to describe these colors because most of them shift to every color in the rainbow. Plus I’ve swatched all 9 shades multiple times, so we’ll revisit them later in this post.

These multichrome pigments are super popular as of late. A ton of brands have their own versions. I’ve only tried Tammy’s and Dawn’s. I did a brief comparison on Instagram and they’re very similar. I’d wager that they’re using the same primary micas but mixing them differently. I don’t really have a preference for one brand’s version over the other’s because they are quite similar. Personally I only like using these as eyeliners or on my lower lash line. The shifting micas have an almost blackened base and when I blend them at all they look… not muddy exactly… let’s say harsh. When blended they look harsh on my fair skin. But I’ve seen BEAUTIFUL looks done with them so you’ll have to form your own opinion.

Set #2!

Bereginya… I think this one is actually called ‘Keeper Girl’ on etsy. My app had a difference in opinion with the translation. Keeper Girl… Bereginya… same difference. That was sarcasm. Bereginya/keeper girl is a deep red brown with a metallic finish

Sister of Rainbow Dragon is a bright magenta pink with tons of blue sparkle. It has a hint of a lavender shift from the mixture of pink and blue. This is one of my favs

Shining Sun is a vibrant, metallic cerise. Another really pretty color.

Insight is one of the Chromatics. It has a magenta base that can look pink, red or purple depending on the angle and light. It shifts gold and green

Master of Ghostly Fire is my current number one fav out of the whole shebang. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and I have a LOT of makeup. It has a chunky, more ‘glitter like’ texture but I have no idea how to describe the color. Chocolatey pink blue? Idk but it’s gorgeous. If you order from Tammy, you should get it.

Set #3

Immersed in the Sandman is a deep, blue based plum.

Dreaming of a World Split is another top pick for me. It’s a finely milled lavender with orange iridescence. Sunset in a jar.

Matriach is fucking rad. Get this one too. Someone suggested (on instagram, I think) that UD solstice could be a dupe and I molly wopped that hoe. Solstice doesn’t hold a candle to Matriarch. It’s another of their more ‘glitter like’ pigments with a plum base that shifts pink and TONS of teal sparkle. Perfection

Ephemeral Creature has a very finely milled plum base with teal shimmer. Gorgeous

Reflection Catcher is similar to Dreaming of a World Split but its lavender base is lighter and more cool toned

Set #4

Spellbound Virgin of the Castle (some of these names tho) has a gunmetal base with pink shimmer and a purple shift

Born in Crocus is lavender with a green shift. This one is a must have too, imo

Mother of the Prismatic Dragon has to go in my reswatch pile because I’ve yet to capture it’s full magnificence on camera. It has a light gray base with pink shimmer and it shifts green, teal and purple

Avenger on the Blazing Unicorn is a sparkly blue lavender. The color reminds me of Strobe Cosmetics Unicorn Tears

Elven Princess is another must have. It’s a cool lavender with a strong warm pink shift.

Battle Mage has a base color that’s somewhere between plum, brown and gray with lots of blue glitter

Set #5

Octopus has a black base with lots of gold glitter. Something about the combination of black and gold makes it look almost green in some lighting

Subduing Look has a deep royal blue base that shifts purple and lots of blue and pink glitter

Immersion is one of the Chromatics. It shifts from navy to bright blue to purple

Soul Collector is pretty amazing too. It’s similar to Octopus but the base is a blackened teal

Sea Storm is a deep blue green with a metallic finish

Praising is one of the Chromatics. It has a teal base that flips to a bright purple

Set #6

Naughty Novice has a red brown base with a green to blue shift. It’s similar to Inglot 84 pigment but more finely milled

Amber Dust has an ivory base with peachy red reflects. It’s similar to MUG I’m Peachless but loose

Bunny is another fav. It’s a fiery coral that can look pink, red or orange depending on the angle and light

Flying on the Sun Dragon is a super sparkly greenish gold. I love this one too. I think it might be my favorite gold ever.

Lust is one of the Chromatics. It’s a red copper that shifts orange, gold and green

Set #7

Mountain Herbs Collector is a satiny taupe that shifts pink and green.

Amethyst Miner has greenish taupe base with a plummy brown shift. I wouldn’t say that it’s a must have but it’s a very unique color.

Enchantress, at first glance, is a green brown duochrome but it also has a blue to purple shift. The purple tones in the other swatches bring out Enchantress’s blue and purple pretty well but I swatched it a second time with colors that make it look more green. We’ll get to that eventually in this post.

Running Race with the Streams is a cool celery green with gold glitter

Mosses Grower is an earthy green with bronze undertones

Dancing with Dawn has a taupey bronze base with a strong plum shift. I like this one a lot too.

Set #8

Washing Itself with Dew has a delicate pink base with lots of blue glitter

Crafty is a seafoam green with gold shimmer

Bragging is an iridescent lime green

Player with Waves is an aqua blue but it also has gold shimmer, which gives it the appearance of a green shift

First Star of the Night Sky has a bright peachy pink base with pink glitter. Think MUG Mai Tai with glitter. I love this one too

Confused Child is a deep blue green with a hint of gold shimmer

Set #9

Hidden Heartbeats has a red brown base with a strong antique gold shift. Its similar to Inglot 83 with a smoother texture

Dragons Joy is gold with a strong apricot pink shift and a ‘glitter like’ texture. It’s similar to that Mac color in the holiday collection that sold out right away. Stylishly Merry? Love this one.

Glorifying Sunsets is a bright cranberry with red and orange undertones

Passionate Lover is an ultra violet/ cranberry duo with a glittery texture. It’s like a glitter version of Inglot 125. This is another must have for me.

Wanderer has a soft yellow base with peachy pink reflects. It reminds me of Mac Motif. You know how I mentioned that the Chromatics have a blackened base? And do you see the black on the edge of Wanderer? A little bit of Conquest drifted onto the swatch next to it and since Wanderer is so light, you can really see the black. Just an fyi. I’m definitely going to reswatch this one at some point because that damn black streak really detracts from how beautiful it is. For me, Wanderer is a must have too.

Conquest is very similar to Insight. The main difference, that I can see, is that Conquest pulls more red and Insight more purple. I think that they’re similar enough that you don’t need both

Set #10

In this set I wanted to swatch Chimera, Accepting Star Bath, Empheral Creature and Matriach together since they’re somewhat similar.

Chimera is a green/ blue/purple duo. It’s more green the others in this this section.

Parvena is a deep red violet with a metallic finish

Accepting Star Bath has a pink base with an iridescent blue shift. Gorg.

Empheral Creature, Sister of Rainbow Dragon and Matriach, we’ve already discussed. Empheral Creature is more plum than the others and Matriach has glitter texture while the rest are smooth.

Set #11

Herald of the Dark Forest is a deep bronze metallic

Sorcerers From Walnut Forest is also a deep bronze but it’s more red/plum compared to Herald which is more gold based.

Dreaming of a World Split- already discussed

Collecting of Heather is the most beautiful pinky mauve ever. I love this one.

Dancing with Dawn- already discussed

Adept Of Beatitude- this one is actually called Adept of Bliss on their Etsy store. Damn app. Regardless of the name, it’s another of my favs. It’s a pale pink with teal shimmer. The combination of the pink and teal give it a mauve appearance

Set #12

Immersion- already discussed

Little Angry Girl is a light, smoky blue green.

Chromatic Elixir is a crystal glitter that reflects blue, teal, pink and purple. It’s similar to Mac Reflects Teal but the shift is more blue.

Favors is a Chromatic. It has a teal base with a strong blue and purple shift and a more subtle pink and green shift. It’s nearly identical to Praising. I think Favors is a bit lighter with a stronger pink shift but they’re similar enough that I wouldn’t recommend getting both.

Elven Princess- we’ve already talked about.

We’ve reached the end of part 1 of my Tammy Tanuka swatches! I’m going to work on part 2 right now so hopefully it’ll be up in a few hours!


  1. I have some of the larger jars and I’m curious about how you personally store/organize yours? The jars are shaped in such a way that they are harder to stack and store. Wanted to pick your brain! Thanks!


  2. Holy Crap, this is a lot of swatches. I have just started following your blog. I love it! Not only do you do the most thorough job of swatching that I have seen, but you are also hilarious. Great combo. Thanks for doing it.


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