Huge Tammy Tanuka Swatchfest: Part 2

If you haven’t already seen part one of our Tammy Tanuka swatchfest, I’d recommend checking that out first! I included all of the info about pricing, shipping etc in the intro and since its lengthy, I’m not going to repeat it. Back to the swatches!

Set #13

From this set, I’ve already swatched and described Bereginya, Passionate Lover and Insight in the first part of the series so I’m not going to mention them again.

Malva Jungle Loafer is a pink and gold duochrome. It’s similar Mac Rose but the pink is more coral (Mac is more of a rose pink) and the gold is more white.

Flamingos Teardrop is a finely milled glitter with a white base that shifts pink and gold

We already talked about Bereginya but I wanted to remind you that it’s actually called Keeper Girl on their etsy store. Don’t ask me how their translation differed so much from Google’s

Dancer on Wet Petals is a blue based pink, glitter pigment

Set #14

In the first part of this post, I talked about all of these colors except for Rapture.

Rapture is one of the Chromatics. It has a vibrant fuchsia base that shifts pink, purple, royal blue and gold.

Set #15

From this set we’ve already discussed Born in Crocus and Reflection Catcher

The Undying Sentinel is a light metallic purple with silver shimmer

Spinner of Magic Silk is a medium grape purple with pink glitter

Stargazer is deep red violet with tons of glitter in a shade that’s slightly lighter than its base

Pollen of Unforgettable Flowers is a white glitter with a blue violet shift. It makes an excellent topper as it will look dramatically different depending on what it’s layered over.

Dragonfly Pond Spirit is a super finely milled lavender with a sparkly teal overlay. I just thought of something that I should’ve mentioned in my intro. I find that the finely milled pigments work best over a slightly tacky base like concealer or a paint pot. I use the more chunky/glittery pigments over a glitter glue

Set #16

I’ve previously mentioned Bunny, Dragon’s Joy and Lust

Crystal Fire Agate is a white based glitter that shifts peach, pink and gold

Sun Warrior is an apricot pink and gold duochrome. It’s similar to Mac Pink Bronze but a little more muted and less orange

Life Giving is a glitter pigment. It’s similar to Dragon’s Joy but it’s a cooler pink whereas Dragon’s Joy is more orange in comparison

Set #17

We’ve already talked about all but Fleeting Vision, Hidden Crystalline Grotto and Awakening

Fleeting Vision is a finely milled white glitter with a greenish gold shift

Hidden Crystalline Grotto is a vibrant grass green with a metallic finish

Awakening is a Chromatic. It’s a bright green that shifts yellow, gold and blue.

Set #18

If I remember correctly we still need to talk about Reflection of the Sleeping Soul and Crystals of Rhodolite

Reflection of the Sleeping Soul is a fine milled white pigment with pinky red reflects.

Crystals of Rhodolite is a very similar color to Reflection of a Sleeping Soul but it has a glitter texture unlike Crystals of Rhodolite which is smooth

Set #19

I’ve previously mentioned Angry Little Girl and Favors.

Peahen is a midtoned icy blue that shifts periwinkle and lavender

Shell Gatherer is silver with gold sparkle

Walking on a Snowy Trail is a gray violet with silver glitter

Set #20

Nothing new from this group!

Set #21

In this set we need to discuss Princess and Sea Storm

Princess is a cool jade green with a metallic finish.

Sea Storm is a navy blue with yellow green iridescence

Set #22

Guess what?! No more talking! I did two more sets of swatches but they’re all repeats so you can just enjoy the pretty pictures without my annoying commentary.

Set #23

Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end! I know that I’ve included an obscene amount of photos but there are very few Tammy Tanuka swatches on the internet and I wanted to do my part in changing that! As I’m sure that I’ve mentioned, I just received my latest order which includes the 20 shades that I ordered plus 20 that they sent me from their new fall collection! Now that I’m finally done with this clusterfuck, I can move on to the new stuff! Expect some new swatches in the next few weeks!


  1. if you are referring to my previous comment, I still cannot access her page on etsy. Her site is a little overwhelming so I thought that I would wait until her etsy site gets back up and running. Let me know if anyone gets on her etsy page



      • hi this is what they sent me Tami is no longer engaged in sales on the Etsy website. The name is not changed, just the manufacturer left this resource and closed his account. Now they are focused on the production of their products. Realization is done by people and companies cooperating with them. Including us.

        On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 8:56 PM wrote:

        > ourbeautycult commented: “They’re aware of the issue and working to fix > it!” >


      • Uhhhh… wtf does that mean?! Lol. Clearly something is getting lost in translation. But I spoke with her and she told me that it will be back. They have a lot of international customers. In the meantime you can use Google translate to order from their website directly. I’ve never personally done it because they don’t take PayPal (or at least they didn’t last I checked) but some of my followers have ordered without issue


      • thanks. Yep, I was confused. I dont understand what is going on. 😕

        On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 7:44 AM wrote:

        > ourbeautycult commented: “Uhhhh… wtf does that mean?! Lol. Clearly > something is getting lost in translation. But I spoke with her and she told > me that it will be back. They have a lot of international customers. In the > meantime you can use Google translate to order from their we” >


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