Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments – review, swatches and SAVINGS CODE

press sample, affil code.

It is with sooooo much excitement we are announcing our new discount code with Coloured Raine!!!! 10% off with code BEAUTYCULT !!!!!!!

Coloured Raine is an indie that’s been around for quite a bit, we have Swatched her stuff before and have loved her matte formula so much that when the matte pigments were sent for review, we knew we had gold here.

The PR packaging bundle was spectacular, and the packaging itself of the individual eyeshadows has the name printed on each box with the multicolored foiled deco all over. It’s quite stunning to be honest and as a packaging hoarder, this one is one you just want to stare at.

The pigments were overall very soft to work with, they glided over a non primed arm for swatches and were excellent to work with over primed eyes.

Lemon drop: a bright primary yellow, it didn’t need a white base to be this bright and I was impressed.

Level up: Kelly green

Squad: a dark forest green

Sauce: a true red. I expected it to be more yellow based due to the name but it’s quite neutral. (Ketchup being a tad on the orange side lol..)

Yach life: a cobalt blue, I felt this was a tad on the dry side and tried to patch up over unprimed skin. Over primer it was superb.

Jet set: a cornflower blue

Neo Blue: an azure blue – that’s the only way I can explain this bright blue.

Drip drop: a deep sky blue.

Cute: a bright lilac

Vibez: a deep amethyst

Purp Smurf: a true violet

Bossed up: a gorgeous orchid.

Party drip: bubblegum pink! I am in love with this shade!

Splash: almost neon orange

Unbothered : a light clay terra-cotta

Crushin: almost neon peach

Here are they in their whole gorgeousness in the palette CR has.

Swatch reel:

They retail for $6.99 and after discount they come out to $6.29. 10% off using “BEAUTYCULT“.

Get a few and test them out, with everyone dropping rainbow shades some of these are probably on your stash already; try your favorite colors and incorporate them to looks even if you start little using them as a lower lash liner or a bit on the lid. Calm down Krusty, you can also color up and use them all in multi colored looks, they don’t get messy or muddy when used together which was a nice surprise to see as sometimes bright pigments can get patchy when blended with one another.

They’re also running some sales right now, they have the Cheers to Beauty Palette (I liked all of them in case the links change) and it comes out to $22 after using the discount (it usually is $50).

Oh and my last rec: use a good primer! I personally use VISEART Seamless Eye Primer and I swear by it.


  1. They look great! Do you think that the majority of the shades would still work well on unprimed eyes or is primer an absolute necessity?


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