Love Luxe Beauty “Not a Basic Bitch” duochrome collection – aggressive amount of swatches and 20% off savings code

Press sample – affil code.

This was the collection you were waiting for!!!!! It’s actually now not available as a bundle anymore, but remains as individual shades are available for purchase on their own, which is excellent since not everyone will be into the highly pigmented foiled duochrome magic… ppffftt yea ok.

When the bundle was available, it includes this magnetic case that longingly resembles a dvd case, brought me back to Blackbuster days …

Click here for her website and save 20% off using affil code BEAUTYCULT.

The collection dropped a few weeks ago and consisted of three duochrome highlighters, 7 foiled shadows and 3 matte shades. We’ll go over each here and you’ll forgive me I didn’t take product pictures before I put my paws on the shades (see light fingerprint. I couldn’t wait. Sue me! Sue me hard!)

Bam! Right!?!!!!!! The foooookkkkk. I had a lot of fun swatching these and testing as they seemed like a refreshing mix.

The highlighters:

CHEEKY: a pink duochrome with teal.

I also did those famous thumb meat swatches (I literally just asked my husband what would you call that part of your palm and he said “the meat of your thumb”…..) can we call it something else?

Anyway, I did all of them separate to appreciate the color better.

PERPLEXED: a deep mauve with teal blue and lavender shift.

ITS COMPLICATED: the peach gold of the bunch.

STUNNER: a hyper foiled silver. This was the slightest swatch. Wtf.

INTRIGUE : a bright warm coral pink.

MYSTERIOUS : deep brown with gold green shift.

ELLABORATE: an interesting fish scale blue with teal shift. One of my faves!

ENTICE : a gorgeous rose gold

COMPEL a bright teal shifting lavender.

INTRICATE: gold shifting violet. GET THIS! And backups!

BRASH: the first of the mattes. I wasn’t too impressed as it was very hard to get color to show up, it seems it was pressed quite hard but once you got the color on a brush, it was a pretty fall appropriate mustard yellow.

TITILLATE: a pretty peach tone.

COCKY: a bright coral orange, soft and easy to blend.

OVERALL: the mattes are prob in your stash if you’ve been buying the most recent makeup releases, but don’t skip on the duochrome. Loveluxebeauty always brings on fun unexpected shifts to her shade plus 20% with our affil code allows you for a splurge.

Let me know if you’re picking any of them up and enjoy the swatch reel:

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