Love Luxe Beauty Shine Bright Highlighters – swatches and savings code!

press sample. affil code.

Love Luxe Beauty is a very indie brand, she’s been doing iridescent duo chrome highlighters before any of the bigger names were, she was doing liquid highlighter drops before anyone knew how to spell unicorn and honestly, they’re one of my fav indies. Her stuff is usually innovative, the formulas are excellent.. she does these “drenched” powders that are highly foiled and don’t need you to wet the brush… and we have been working on a secret collaboration product for the longest, one day well get the right formula!.

Some of the shades were older shades, now repromoted with the new packaging on a 6g pan, at $20 but with our affil code BEAUTYCULT, you can save 20% off – leaving them at $16.

These are so pigmented, I strongly suggest using the lightest brush and building up from there.

Ill start off with the ones I received in the new packaging, a holo embossed diamond with a magnetic closure and the letters SHINE BRIGHT on the inside.

Icing on the Cake: a duo chrome teal/lavender.

Next Level Periwinkle – this used to be named iridescent periwinkle, I did previous swatches I will repost below too.

Make Believe: an icy light pink

Enchanted Sunlight: used to be called IRIDESCENT SUNLIGHT – a yellow gold with subtle green hints

POPPIN BUBBLY: this is the shiniest, most bright, most EXTRA champagne gold. If you can’t get these all, get this one and a backup. Legend says, if you rub your body with this on the full moon, the actual sun will create an eclipse so it can shine on your face.

Melted Sun: Fenty who? this shade was around before similar to GOLDEN, its a yellow gold and is also fken extra. Legend says if you rub yourself with this on any rainy day, a leprechaun comes and gives you golden coins.

Disclaimer: I wrote this whilst on an amazing sugar high, after eating two red velvet cupcakes while I swatched. Im not responsible for my own belligerence.

I am posting the comparison swatches I did the other day with shades that might look the same from previous releases.

My faves out of these are ICING, HOLO, SKY, PERIWINKLE AND CORAL.

Overall what I liked about these, is the fact they are truly iridescent. There’s no white base here and I build up so the camera could capture the colors as there were really poor lighting conditions here.

Are you getting any of these or has your unicorn vibe died down by now?

One comment

  1. New drippy stencil? I like it.

    I like the unicorn stuff but I’ve yet to buy any. I’m on a bit of a minimalist kick (mostly because I’m in the process of moving, haha) so I haven’t /needed/ anything, you know?


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