Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Norvina’ Palette Dupes!!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Hills Norvina Palette ($42)

We have dupes! Before I break it down for ya, let me run through my standard instagram disclaimer… yes, it would be cheaper to buy the palette than 14 separate single shadows. If you want every shade in the palette and you don’t already own similar colors then yes, by all means, get the palette. It’s a nice palette. I like it. Dupes are for people who only like a few shades and can’t justify spending $42 for 2 or 3 colors. Also if you’ve got a lot of makeup, chances are that you already own a few of these dupes.

I do my best to find affordable options but I’m not a fucking wizard. I find the closest possible colors that are sold individually and haven’t been discontinued. Oh and they have to be cruelty free so Mac’s out. I do my best to find dupes that are $6 or less but I don’t always succeed. Anyway! Sorry for the tirade but finding dupes is hard and snarky comments make me feel stabby.

Ps. I reviewed this palette last week, ICYMI. Also worth noting, there are many colors in the Norvina palette that are very similar to ABH single shadows. For the most part they’re not exactly the same but close enough that I think they’d be indistinguishable on the eyes. We’ll discuss this more as we work our way through the palette.

💜 Dreamer vs Strobe Cosmetics Oracle ($5.20, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Dreamer is a metallic champagne with subtle peach undertones. Oracle is maybe a shade darker and slightly more yellow.

Option #2: Devinah Cosmetics Oracle ($4, w/ code BEAUTYCULT) Same name as the Strobe shadow. Weird.

💜Summer vs Devinah Cosmetics Kith ($4, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Summer is a light golden bronze with a metallic finish. Kith is a shade or two lighter

Option #2 Vanessa’s Vanity Sunkissed

💜Wild Child vs Makeup Geek Mai Tai ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Wild Child is a light peachy pink with lavender undertones and glitter. Mai Tai doesn’t have glitter and it’s a little more peachy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Ballet might be a closer dupe since it has glitter but I didn’t use it as my first choice because it costs $12 and Mai Tai is fairly similar

💜Rose Gold vs Devinah Cosmetics Diva ($4, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Rose Gold is a metallic copper with purple undertones. Diva is pretty darn close. I’d say that it’s a little more red though.

Option #2: Looxi Beauty Coopa Feel ($4.50, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)

💜Celestial vs Anastasia Beverly Hills Gemstone ($12)- Celestial was a very difficult shade to dupe. Gemstone was closest shade that I could find. Their base colors are the same but Gemstone pulls a little more pink and Celestial a little more blue.

Option #2: Nabla Cosmetics Calypso

💜Dazzling vs Colourpop High Strung ($4)- Dazzling is bronze with purpley undertones. High Strung is very similar but it has stronger pink undertones

Option #2: Looxi Beauty Atomic ($4.50, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)

💜Drama vs Morphe Love Me ($2)- Drama and Love Me are both deep aubergine colors. I think Drama pulls slightly more red and it also has really cool multicolored glitter. Unfortunately the glitter only shows up if you really pack it on lid on top of a sticky base so for the most part, you could achieve a similar look with Love Me

Option #2: Makeup Geek Drama Queen ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT), Anastasia Beverly Hills Aubergine ($12)

💜Base vs Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Base is a matte eggshell. I used Vanilla Bean as my dupe but chances are that you have dozens of off white mattes in other palettes.

💜Soul vs Makeup Geek Fairytale ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Soul is the other shade that I had a really hard time with duping. Fairytale is more purple and matte (Soul has a satin finish) but I actually prefer Fairytale over Soul. I think it’s one of MUG most underappreciated shades. Devinah Cosmetics Esme ($4, w/ code BEAUTYCULT) is also very similar but probably two shades darker.

💜Incense vs Colourpop Conundrum ($4)- both are mid-toned matte browns with yellow undertones. They look exactly the same to me.

Option #2: Colourpop Bel Air ($4)

💜Love vs Colourpop Labyrinth ($4)- Love is a medium dusty pink with a satiny finish. Labyrinth is deeper and a little more muted.

Option #2: Looxi Beauty Lovestruck

💜Volatile vs Makeup Geek Vintage ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are matte taupes. Vintage pulls a little more plum.

Other options: Looxi Beauty Figgy ($4.50, w/ code BEAUTYCULT) or Devinah Cosmetics Adorn ($4, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)

💜Eccentric vs Makeup Geek Sora ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- Eccentric is a mid-toned brown with orange undertones. Sora is lighter but buildable.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Caramel is closer than Sora but again, it’s $12.

💜Passion vs Makeup Geek Cherry Cola ($5.40, w/ code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are deep red brown mattes that are nearly identical

Option #2: Colourpop Facet ($4)

As I mentioned in the beginning, there’s a lot of shades in this palette that are similar to other ABH shadows. In addition to the four that I already mentioned (Ballet, Gemstone, Aubergine, Caramel), there’s at least five others. Gleam is similar to Dreamer. Amber is similar to Summer. Rose to Dazzling and Red Earth to Passion. And they have a bunch of shades similar to Base (Blanc, Fresh, Vanilla). Plus I don’t own all of the ABH singles so there might be others. This isn’t to say that any of these are EXACT dupes but a lot of them are pretty damn close. Just sayin.

And that’s all she wrote! Besides Soul and Celestial, I’m happy with everything that I came up with. I like the Norvina palette but not as much as I thought I would. If you’re on the fence about whether to get it, I’d probably pass and buy dupes for the pinks and purples, if you don’t already own similar shades.


  1. Thank you for these dupes! I only want a couple shades, and your dupes come close enough. I like soul, but I think I like fairytale more and forgot that I had wanted to pick that shade up a long time ago.


  2. This is so spot on it’s crazy. It’s almost like a repacked and name change for some of the shades. I don’t think I’ll be picking up the palette mostly for the price. Like you said I can’t justify the price for being in love with like 2 or 3 shades. 🌸🌸


  3. I’m passing on this palette bc the only two shades that really grabbed me were Soul and Love, and in every video I’ve seen Soul has made an eye-look look immediately just like a big messy bruise type of shade around the eye and Love is insanely powdery like the Subculture palette. I do have Labyrinth even though love is a beautiful shade too and worth of having as its own separate from Labyrinth (I think it’s different enough). Anyway even though I don’t want the palette I love looking at your dupes for each shade and seeing what I have and how they compare!! Thanks for the amazing dupe post!


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