Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Cosmetics: The Zodiac Collection


What’s your sign? Chances are anyone that has ever me has heard at some point THAT I AM A LEO! because everything Leo’s do is with shouty capitals and a big hoopla! don’t care for the dramatics? maybe you are not meant to be in a Leo’s Life, quietly exit through the gift shop!.

Ok, I will get off my high LION here cause I know everyone thinks THEIR sign is the best! Ill let you battle it out in the comments.

Kathleen lights collab with ColourPop! part 4? She’s one of the OG collaborators and this time she is dropping a zodiac inspired collection.

From what I hear she’s super obsessed with zodiac signs and a lot of us are too, nothing can get a group talking like discussing the good, bad and ugly of each sign; even the least knowledgeable person knows what their sign is and has looked it up at some point.

The PR PACKAGE! I hear it will be $70 but this has not been communicated to me directly, I saw it on a comment and Im throwing it here – will correct if it ends up being changed.

The Collection consists on the 12 pan Zodiac eyeshadow palette, 2 new super shock highlighters, 2 new lux lipsticks and 2 supernova shadoes (Liquid shadows).

The Zodiac palette ($18):

Encased in a black cardboard outer box with the sign’s symbols all embossed around it and blue stars twinkling inside, but with a navy blue cardboard palette on itself.

All the shades are ok for the eye area and the markup from the original pricing ($16) is for the inclusion of a mirror.

The Aries: a bright shimmery orange with gold foil, for one of the boldest sign.

The Taurus: a base light brown

The Gemini: a foiled gold in a neutral hue – its not exactly yellow nor silver but quite in between.

The Cancer: shimmery light blush pink

THE LEO: behold the bestest of the shades, a duochrome peach gold.

The Virgo: a neutral brown, for darkening the crease and finishing up a look, for the perfectionist of the zodiac, fitting.

The Libra: a light rose shade, took me some layering to get some color payoff here but could be used as a base.

The Scorpio: shimmery burgundy

The Sagittarius: this shade was quite patchy and also needed some finesse to blend evenly.

The Capricorn: Matte black with gold sparkle: I LOVED THIS ONE! just a gorgeous night shade that my party people Capricorns will appreciate.

The Aquarius: a pleasant and surprisingly very easy to work with cobalt blue.

The Pisces: Shimmery aqua green, had some fall out with some of the glitter, so apply a nice primer.

Overall: I like that its a summer/fall palette, it doesn’t just cater to the colorful but has plenty darker shades to get you through the winter.

SUPERNOVAS ($7): The formula was notoriously more fluid and easier to work with, you can use it as an eyeshadow with the applicator it comes with: Or as a liner with a liner brush, as this version is thinner – more foiled than glitter.

Astrology: a yellow gold reminiscent of her former telepathy shadow.

Constellation: a rose gold.


Whats your sign: a brown nude

Scorpio Moon: a lux version of her former Lumiere: a mauve pink.


On the Cusp: A warmer version of flexitarian

FIRE: a gold peach shade.

More pics:

There it is!!! Im still working on trying all the goodies but I wanted to upload all the pictures and swatches as this drops TOMORROW 7/26 at 10AM PST!

Homework: what’s your sign and what is AWESOME about it! battle of the signs on the comments!!!


  1. Positive Qualities of Gemini: Brilliance of Mind, Good Communication Skills, Gregariousness, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Wit and Versatility


  2. As much as I love all the packaging and graphics going into this collection, I think I’ll have to pass! Aquarius has to be my favorite shade in the palette and Constellation is a pretty Supernova shade…


  3. I’m an Aquarius (Leo’s polar opposite–btw, happy Leo season!), but I actually don’t think my sign is the “best” as much as I think it is an interesting sign… I’m a huge fan of astrology, so I love reading about the different signs and seeing what makes them all so unique. I will say, I am not a fan of that cobalt blue eye shadow, though! Electric blue is Aquarius’ color, but I’ve got blue eyes and I just don’t want to look like I time-warped from the 80s with some cobalt blue eyeshadow on my lids haha! I do love that Scorpio Moon lippie, though (probably because Scorpio is my moon sign).


    • Bahaha i had a flashback to the exact image you’re referring to!!! My husband is Aquarius. They are quite interesting people and I haven’t met an Aquarius that wasn’t smart or wasn’t a type A personality.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, I am fairly competitive and do like to be in control of the situation, but it also depends on what the situation is because I’m also really shy, especially in new places and around new people.

        From the Leos that I know (e.g., my dad and some friends), I’ve concluded that they’re extroverted and love being the life of the party/center of attention. I can’t tell you how many times my dad has told me about the time he walked into this one store and they greeted him by name… He’s so proud of that haha!


    • Yes! Blue, purple & green shadows look so awesome on others. I try to wear it & look like a clown. Especially the blue. I never thought about how having blue eyes may be the reason it looks bad. My mom wore bright, baby blue shadow up to her eyebrows when I was a kid & it was so bad lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh man… I can just picture it! I feel you on all of that! Brights just don’t work for my eye color, but for some reason, pastel pink does (at least in my opinion).


  4. I’m a Sagittarius what I like about my sign is open minded and humbleness and a great listener! I don’t really no much but besides that I’m not an expert on makeup but all I see and know thanks to you thoughts and swatches is that I would love to get the whole bundle it’s so pretty 🧞‍♀️


  5. I haven’t bought Colorpop in ages, but I actually like this collection, probably because I like all things stars and constellations. I suspect I like the packaging more than anything. I just bought the Natasha Denona Tropics palette on sale today, and this kind of reminds me of it with the blues. I’m really drawn to the Pisces shade! I’m a LEO! Shouldn’t I be drawn to the Leo shade instead? LOL! Nah! I rarely wear golds and oranges. That’s okay, because my personality is really fire-y to match my sign. What’s awesome about Leos? Pretty much everything!


    • You got that RIGHT! And you’re prob drawn to it cause it’s bright and very LOOK AT ME! Which let’s be honest, is what everyone should be doing anyway 🙂 if you got the tropics palette but absolutely want to pick up one thing for packaging: get a highlighter and a liquid shadow.


  6. I love this collection!! I’m debating on if I buying the whole collection instead of just a few things from it! The packaging is gorgeous.
    What do you recommend most if someone (like me, ahem) was only looking to buy a few things from it?
    Btw I’m a Libra! (Basically: charming to strangers but a huge pain in the ass to everyone who knows me. And always off-balance. (That misconception about Libra’s always being balanced bc we’re the “scales” is just that – a misconception. The scales represent our eternal quest for balance lol)


    • Hahahah my mother is a libra. Oh I KNOOOW. anyway: if you want to only pick up a few things get: palette, FIRE highlighter, WHATS YOUR SIGN lip. If you use liquid shadows ASTROLOGY is a must, if not then the above are my “musts”


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