Ace Beaute ‘Paradise Collection’: Swatches, First Impressions and Discount Code

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Ace Beaute Paradise Collection

Ace Beaute is not playing, you guys! They just dropped FOUR new palettes and they’re stunning! The palettes can be purchased individually for $34.99. There’s also two bundle options. All four palettes are $114.99 or you can get the special pr box for $124.99.

We have an affiliate code with Ace, BEAUTYCULT which will save you 10%, bringing the prices down to $31.50 for the individual palettes, $103.50 for the palette bundle and $112.50 for the pr box. The individual palettes are currently sold out but both bundles are available. If there’s a certain palette that you’re interested in, you can sign up for restock alerts on their website.

I just got these palettes a few days ago so I’m not ready to do a review yet but I wanted to get swatches up awhile since this collection has garnered a lot of attention. We’ve been Ace affiliates for over a year now and we love working with them. Check out my review of their Quintessential palette. I’m blown away by this collection and I think that you guys will be too!

Palette #1: Paradise Fallen

I’m starting with the purple palette because it garnered the most interest on my instagram. Paradise Fallen has 8 mattes and 4 shimmers. Each pan is .056oz/ 1.6g. I’ve heard a lot of people say that this is what they wished the Norvina palette looked like. So far I’m super impressed with this palette! Purples are notoriously difficult to formula and these are excellent!

Pure is a light matte gray

Moon Glow is a silvery platinum with a foiled finish.

Stone is a dark matte gray

Orion is a pink champagne with a foiled finish

Vine is a mid-toned neutral brown

Cypress Tree is a deep red brown

Shadow is a matte navy blue

Twilight is a bright, metallic violet

Eve is a matte royal blue

Night Sky is a metallic amethyst

Dusk is a deep matte mulberry (and my favorite shade in the palette)

Black Out is a matte black

Palette #2: Classical Paradise

So far Classical Paradise is my personal favorite. It has 7 mattes and 5 shimmers and a bunch of shades that are very similar to the Gemini palette. I’m going to review each palette individually but I’ve used this one the most so far and its heavenly. The mattes are creamy with minimal fall out and they’re very easy to blend. The shimmers are also lovely. That copper… I die! Sunflower wasn’t as pigmented as the rest though.

Rye is a warm ochre matte

Barley is a pearly white with a foiled finish

Sunflower is light greenish yellow with a metallic finish

Maize is a matte mustard

Golden Apple is the most perfect grungy olive matte ever. I’d buy the palette for that shade alone

Hay is a peachy champagne with a foiled finish

Vegetation is a matte red orange. Think Nars Persia

Earth is a deep red brown

Harvest is a foiled copper

Clay is a muted red with a matte finish

Mineral is a foiled taupe

Soil is a burgundy matte

Palette #3: Blossom Passion

And zee pinky red palette! This one has 8 mattes and 4 shimmers.

Gardenia is a matte peach

Peony is a foiled peachy pink. It performs beautifully but my swatch looks a little bumpy because the brush I used was still damp. Dummy.

Dahlia is a matte rosewood. I love this color.

Carnation is a bright coral matte

Orchid is a foiled strawberry pink

Red Rose is a vivid, matte scarlet

Eros is a metallic, rosey pink

Love is a bright pink matte

Beauty is a magenta satin

Lust is a deep wine colored matte

Seduction is a blackened burgundy. I don’t think I have another color like this and I love it

Desire is a matte crimson. It’s more pink than Red Rose

Palette #4: Slice of Paradise

Last but not least the rainbow palette with 10 mattes and 2 shimmers! I haven’t used this one on my eyes yet but I had to layer a few of the shades several times to reach this level of opacity. I think it was the yellow, pink and red violet. But again this isn’t a review and I don’t think swatches are indicative of performance. Just putting it out there in the interest of full disclosure.

Daffodil is a bright yellow matte

Persimmon is a matte yellow orange. It’s like a brighter version of MUG Chickadee

Passion Fruit is a bright red orange

Flamingo is a matte salmon pink

Rosefinch is a matte hot pink

Starling is a bright red violet

Peacock is a metallic orchid. I don’t think that I own anything else like it

Honeyberry is a true purple matte

Macaw is a matte cobalt

Bluebell is a sky blue matte

Fruit Dove is a foiled teal

Kiwi is a vivid kelly green

As I mentioned previously, I’m going to review each palette individually after I’ve had more time to use them. But there’s a few things that I really like about the collection. Number one, I love that all of the palettes are mostly matte. Shimmers are much easier to formulate so I thought it was a bold move on the brand’s part to focus on creating quality mattes. Especially since colorful mattes like these are so tricky. I also like that there’s no repeats in any of the four palettes and that they didn’t feel the need to include basic shades in each palette. Most brands seem to feel like no palette is complete without a highlight shade and a black but most of us have dozens of those shades and we don’t need to have them duplicated in every palette that we own.

The palettes are sold on Ace Beaute’s website and our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 10%!


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