New Releases (and a discount code) from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

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Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

Tomorrow, July 24, Dawn Eyes is releasing three sets of new products! You’ve probably already heard about the new glitters. You might even have one since they did that special offer recently. But ICYMI, they’re releasing 3 new glitters. All three are white based with different duochrome shifts.

The next thing is their ‘In the Buff’ Nude Eye Sculpting Kit which is 5 matte neutral toned loose pigments which you could use to define your eyes or face.

And lastly… 3 new premiums!!!! Yippie!!

Starting with glitters… all three have crystal clear bases with different colored reflects.

The crystal bases make these guys ideal toppers to switch up any eye look. They come packaged in good sized clear jars with sifters and they’re only $5.10 if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 15% ($6 reg)!

Come What May has a blue violet shift. I think it’s pretty similar to ‘Barbie Shop’ from Lit Cosmetics.

Can Can Can has a strong yellow gold shift and a more subtle copper shift.

Courtesan has rainbow reflects

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics ‘In the Buff’ Eye Sculpting Kit ($25)

‘In the Buff’ is a set of 5 mini jars containing matte, neutral pigments. They’re being sold as a set for $25 or $20.50 if you use an affiliate code to save 15%. Ours is BEAUTYCULT. As you know, Dawn Eyes has lots of vivid, colorful products so it seemed natural for them to have a few basic neutrals to compliment the rest of their line. The set has two highlight shades: Mellow (cream) and Gentle (ivory) and three sculpting shades: Tender (soft brown), Demure (mid-toned neutral brown) and Joy (very dark brown).

A few tips for working with matte pigments in general… use a light hand and build slowly. The main benefit of loose mattes is the fantastic color pay off but on flip side, if you use too much it’s going to be very difficult to blend. Don’t let this scare you! They’re really not hard to use but the process is slightly different than with pressed mattes.

When I’m going to use loose mattes, I always need a hand palette (you could use a small plate if you don’t have one). I use a spatula to scoop a small amount of product onto the palette and then I’ll also tap my brush onto the palette several times to remove the excess product. You don’t want to dip your brush directly into the jar. Number one: it’s unsanitary and Number two: you’ll pick up too much product

Hopefully those few little tips provided some insight on working with loose mattes. If you’re curious to try some then this set is for you!

Finally… the piece de resistance… the new premiums! I’m not sure about pricing or sizing yet but our affiliate code will apply, saving you 15%.

These three are different micas from their regular premium line. I love those super shifters but they seem almost blackened and I find that they can look a bit of harsh on my fair skin. The new guys aren’t quite as shifty but I find them to be more user friendly.

🎀 Scintillating starts green and then shifts blue to lavender

🎀 Tantalizing has a plum base that shifts magenta and blue

🎀 Dazzling has a red base that shifts to an orangey copper and gold

And there you have it! These products are dropping tomorrow, July 24 but I’m not sure what time. Thanks in advance if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 15% when shopping with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics!

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