ColourPop Cosmetics Sol Y Mar Collection – swatches and reviews – and ALL STAR setting mist/primer.


SUMMER BABY! Im pretty sure that I celebrated the return of the heat, and soon after complained about it. Im not gonna lie, and I may be alone here but I really am enjoying sweating for a change so don’t come and complain about it, I have missed a sweaty evening, sitting in the porch fending mosquitoes.. I swear the mosquitoes in my house have been getting bolder and bolder, we are at a point in our relationship where they will actually lift my shirt and bite me in the neck.

Summer also brought ColourPop’s most recent releases: the Sol and Mar Palettes, three new Blotted lips and four Super Shock Highlighters (two repromoted shades), along with a later release of the ALL STAR primer and setting mist. Yes, I’m a little behind here, bear with me.

SOL Palette ($12)

This was a fun one!!! Very warm sunset tones and even as I may have some of these shades in similar tones already, it’s still an easy crowd pleaser as all the shades complement each other, and it’s just very pretty and fun to work with.

Please note MOTEL, FLOATIES, OOO are not recommended for the immediate eye area. The palette was overall very pigmented, note that the matte shades are more of a satin type of finish – they have a slight sheen on some- The shade MOTEL was a bit patchy to pack onto lid on a dry brush but I found that foiling it a little bit did help (foiling a semi matte ? Yes. I did that). If you have all the orange/red palettes that have released the past few years, you might be able to skip this one.

MAR Palette ($12)

This was my personal favorite, Im into blues and greens and the summer gives me enough melanin to be able to pull off teals and browns together without it clashing (I feel when I’m too pale, they can make my face look stark). All the shades here are safe on the eye area.

Blotted Lips ($6)

VITAMIN SEA: a brown toned terracotta

OCEAN AVE: a near neon tangerine

SODA POP: a mauve plum.

I loved all three but found SODA POP a tad dark on me for summer.


THIMBLE: A bright champagne gold

SHOWTIME: a shifty pink

DOUBLE DOWN: A neutral toned gold

PARASOL: repromoted from the “strobe collection” a dark golden bronze.

I like that the quality of the SUPER SHOCK highlighters keeps improving, these are super fine and foiled very pretty on the cheekbones and there wasn’t any pesky glitter. they are great for traveling, as the worst thing that can happen is the product comes off the pan and you can just repress it. Its seriously that easy. Never the shifting clouds of shimmer that I have to endure traveling with powder stuff when it inevitably suffers at the hands of luggage handlers.

ALL STAR – PRIMER ($10, .25g/.88oz) AND SETTING SPRAY (4fl oz, $10)

I tested the primer only so far, and verified the nozzle on the setting spray was fine enough to mist.

Verdict: The primer did help my pores a LOT, and remained matte through the day. I need to try this on its own, as I used the setting powders as well.  The setting spray has a very fine mist, an improvement from the previous setting nozzles that everyone complained about. I honestly didn’t think they were that bad but again, I used my sprays for foiling eyeshadows not for setting my makeup so I call bias on myself.

Thats it for now! ColourPop has been busy bringing goodie after goodie, and right now we can officially do our full face with the brand!

What have you tried? What do you want to see NEXT from them?


  1. I wouldnt mind seeing some pressed or loose glitters. their glittery super shock products are amazing but the fact that they dry out so quickly turns me off. I’d love to just use a normal formula with the same glitter power


  2. I just picked up the Sol Pressed Eyeshadow Palette, as well! I totally think the shades perform better when applied with a finger or a wet brush (I usually wet my brushes with MAC Fix +). When applied with a finger or a wet brush, the shimmer shades perform beautifully and the mattes are very creamy and pigmented, as well! By the way, your swatches and pictures are absolutely stunning! Your blog overall is absolutely stunning, as well! Great post! 🙂 XO!


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