Dose Of Colors ‘Block Party’ Single Shadows: Review and Swatches

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Dose of Colors ‘Block Party’ Single Shadows ($20)

So I broke down and bought some of the beautiful, expensive single shadows from Dose Of Colors! 20 bucks is a lot for one eyeshadow.

The packaging is really nice; little black mirrored compacts. I could’ve done without the mirrors if it meant knocking down the price a bit but I used my Ulta 20% coupon and cashed in points which made the price a little less painful. In addition to their website and Ulta, these shadows are also available at Cult Beauty and Cloud 10 Beauty.

You may have noticed that I didn’t include any product photos… that’s because they arrived broken and I had to smoosh them back together. Def not pretty but still functional. Ulta isn’t known for carefully packaging online orders but I think it’s safe to say that these eyeshadows are pretty delicate and should be handled with care. I probably wouldn’t travel with them.

There’s 20 shades in total and I had a really hard time choosing because I couldn’t find any decent swatches. The swatches on the website are too far away to show finish and texture. For $20 I need to study my options from every conceivable angle and lighting situation. I eventually narrowed it down to these four and I’m pretty happy with my choices.

I’d describe the formula as a cross between UD Moondust and a pressed pigment. The shadows are emollient enough that you don’t NEED a glitter glue but I’d probably use one anyway just to be safe. They applied okay with brushes but I got better results with my fingertip. Which is fine by me, I keep my nails short, but I know that a lot of you girls aren’t down with finger painting. I didn’t have much fallout or creasing and they only slightly faded after wearing them all day.

Olive You has a light army green base with gold sparkle

Teal Me More has a black base with tons of bright teal sparkle and a purple shift

My Jam is a deep plum with subtle blue shift and silver sparkle

Shell We Dance is a rose gold with silver sparkle

Out of these four I’d say that Teal Me More is the one to get. It’s pure sparkle whereas the others have an almost metallic base with flecks of sparkle. I think the formula is unique and of course the colors are beautiful but $20 is a lot and I don’t know if the finish affect is all that different from what you could get with a CP SSS. I would need to either see them in person or at least see some good, clear close up swatches before buying more. Also I’d need a coupon or something because I’m cheap. Has anyone else tried these yet??


  1. What a bummer that they arrived broken! Based on your swatches, Teal me More is my favorite, but I agree the price is a little steep.

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  2. Thanks for this post in dying to try them especially the teal one. I rarely buy online can’t stand it especially for makeup and$20 is too much. Id like to see ulta sell in store. Do share any additional shades you may try!


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