Nabla Cosmetics Denude Collection: Review and Swatches


Nabla Cosmetics ‘Denude Collection’

Nabla Cosmetics is not playing ya’ll! Hot on the heels of their concealer launch, they’re dropping a new summer collection that includes two new products (liquid eyeshadows and glowy skin sticks)!

The DENUDE Collection is available now! In addition to their website, the collection is also available at Beauty Bay! They offer free UK shipping and free US shipping on orders $30+!

The collection includes:

🐚 5 Cult Classic Lipsticks, long-wearing and highly pigmented lipsticks for smooth and full looking lips

🐚 5 Velvetline Lip Liners, waterproof lip liners that glide on and give a velvety finish to the lips

🐚 5 Glowy Skin, stick highlighters and blushes with a creamy and gliding texture

🐚 4 Pressed Highlighters, powder highlighters with a high concentration of super thin pearls that give a mirrored effect to the skin

🐚 4 Metalglam Liquid Eyeshadows, long-wearing and highly pigmented liquid eyeshadows with a luminous metallic finish

🐚 1 Highlighter Brush, tapered brush made of super soft synthetic bristles for a flawless highlighter application

🐚 1 Denude Makeup Bag, to carry all your favorite makeup products with you!

Okay! Now that we’ve all been introduced, let’s get up close and personal with these babies!

Nabla Cosmetics Metalglam Liquid Eyeshadow (€12.50, approx $14.50 usd)

I’m picky about liquid eyeshadows. I think I’m the only person on earth who isn’t crazy about the stila ones. So I’m happy to report that so far I’m loving these!

The formula is thicker, more cream like, than some of the other liquid eyeshadows that I’ve tried. They come in short tubes with ombre detailing and they have a metallic finish with a hint of sparkle.

If you apply them with the applicator the color pay off is opaque. If you wanted to use them as toppers, I’d suggest tapping them on with your fingertip.

They take about 20-30 seconds to dry down and then they’re budge proof. I’ve been wearing Ethereal and Lost in Paradise all day and I haven’t had any creasing, cracking or fall out.

So far I’m really enjoying them. The colors are beautiful and the formula is great. Hopefully they come out with more colors in the future!

Nabla Cosmetics Glowy Skin Sticks (€15.50, approx $18 usd)

I love cream products like this these especially during the hot weather months when I don’t have the desire to do a full face. This collection includes 2 blushes and 3 highlighters but of course you could also use them on your eyes, lips, whatever.

The formula remains slightly dewy unless you top them with powder. The colors are stunning but I’ve got to say that I’m a little bit disappointed.

They’re very pretty on the skin and I like the formula but they’re a little more sheer/natural than I would prefer. But I know that there’s tons of people that appreciate a subtle dewy glow. However I do love using them as a base to make my powder highlighters extra dramatic.

New Nabla Cosmetics Highlighters (€16.50, approx $19.50 usd) and Highlighter Brush (€11.50, approx $13.50 usd)

The highlighters come in beige cardboard compacts with red and gold detailing. They have a decent sized mirror and magnetic closures and all of Nabla’s products are cruelty free and vegan! I love Nabla’s highlighters. They’re soft without being powdery and they don’t emphasize skin texture.

🐚Wave is a light golden champagne .

🐚Venus Sand is a light peachy pink with gold shimmer

🐚Savage is a midtoned gold

🐚Sundance is a medium pinky bronze

The highlighter brush has a slim, lightweight handle and a small tapered head with synthetic fibers perfect for precise application. I like Nabla’s brushes too. This is only my third one but all three are soft and well made.

Nabla Cosmetics Denude Collection: Cult Classic Lipsticks (€13.90, approx $16 usd) and Velvetline Lip Pencils (€8.50, approx $10 usd)

The pencils and lipsticks match with one exception, the Magnolia lipstick and Rosy Magnolia pencil. The lipstick is more peach and the liner is more mauve. You could still use them together, they’re just not exactly the same like the other four. Not sure why they choose to make that one set a little different?

And last but not least the makeup bag! They release a new bag with every collection and this one is my favorite to date! It’s a camel colored faux leather with starfish detailing on the zipper. The interior is red which coordinates with the highlighter packaging. It’s not a huge bag but it’s quite roomy on the inside and there’s a mesh interior pocket to help with organization. The bag is €12,90 or about $15 usd.

Final thoughts… I love Nabla! Their products are always high quality and affordable with gorgeous packaging. And I just realized that Beauty Bay is a stockist making them more accessible to US customers. My top picks from the collection are the liquid eyeshadows, Wave and Venus Sand highlighters, Jolie lipstick and liner and the highlighter brush and makeup bag!

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