F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics Eyeshadows: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

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F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics

Eyeshadows ($6, save 10% w/ code BEAUTYCULT)
Lately I’ve been feeling the need to ‘shop my stash’ and rediscover some old favs. Fair was one of the first indies to send me products when I got into blogging a few years ago. I’ve had some of these eyeshadows for over two years now and they’re still in great shape, which is a sure sign of a well made product. Some hand pressed cosmetics can lift from the pans or get crumbly over time, especially if they aren’t stored correctly (keep the palettes flat, not on their sides) but my Fair shadows are as beautiful as ever! She also just sent her newest collection (which we’ll be looking at first) and a few other items that I was missing. I’m going to be reviewing her entire line but this post is going to focus on her eyeshadows.

So first a little background… Fair is an indie brand based out of Miami. She sells eyeshadows, highlighters, glitter and makeup bags. Of course she’s cruelty free (I’ve never come across an indie that wasn’t) and her entire line is vegan as well! Her eyeshadows are $6 and highlighters are $10, or $5.40 and $9 if you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 10%. Oh and she offers free US shipping on orders of $50 or more. She has a very distinct formula. The best word I can think to describe it is delicate. Not delicate like fragile, delicate as in having an extremely fine texture. They’re very soft but the micas have some weight to them so they’re not powdery and they’re intensely pigmented even on bare skin. One last thing- all of her products come in square pans. I know some of y’all are OCD about that shit but I keep mine in a separate palette and they fit together neatly with no wasted space.

Phew! Now that we got that outta the way, let’s talk about the products! Up first are the new additions to her line: 3 eyeshadows, 2 marbled eyeshadows and 1 highlighter.

🇺🇸 Stars & Stripes is LE and will be available until the end of July. I think everything else is permanent. It’s a mixture white, iridescent blue and iridescent red. You can make it more easy warm or cool toned depending on where you place your brush. This one is more suited for light to medium skin tones but she has some really unique and interesting highlighters for tan to deep complexions as well.

🌟 Druid’s Magic has a deep purple base with a white/pink duochrome marbled in the center. Swirled together it’s a gorgeous metallic plum. This one is clearly my favorite. Duh.

☄Medusa’s Curse has a spring green base with gold shimmer and navy marbled in the center. Swirled together you get a blue green, almost duochrome effect. This one is my second favorite!

🌠 Kirin is basically the eyeshadow version of an orange creamsicle. I get hungry just looking at it! Very spring and summer appropriate

⭐Faun Love is a light rose gold with a metallic finish

☄Chimera is a super sparkly bronzey gold. It’s ridiculously pigmented and I guarantee that it would look ridiculously gorgeous on brown skin.

Wisp’s Reflection is a marble shadow with equal parts purple and pink swirled together, they make a lavender with pink undertones. It also has a hint of green iridescence.

Eros is an amber gold with a white swirl through the pan. Mixed together the colors create a peachy champagne

Nymph’s Secret is a light pinky lavender with a metallic finish

Luna is another marbled shadow with equal parts cool lavender and warm pink

Crystal Dragon is also marbled and a personal favorite of mine. It has a periwinkle base with a swirl of glittery pink

Goddess is yet another favorite of mine. It’s a chocolaty bronze with flecks of purple.

Atlas Night Skies is a blackened blue green

Treasure Trove is another marbled shadow with equal parts teal and white with gold reflects. Swirled together, the colors create an aqua blue with a green shift and gold shimmer

Hydra’s Wrath has a red base with a shimmery green shift

Adamantine is a dark gunmetal gray with a metallic finish

Ceto has a blue base with a yellow gold swirl which combine to create a shimmery spring green

Mermaid Scales is a beachy blue green

Twilight is a warm purple with silver shimmer

Blazing Unicorn is a super metallic red copper. It’s so shiny that it almost looks wet

Playful Pixie is an apricot pink with pink sparkle

Hade’s Hounds is deep rich burgundy

And I already discussed Nymph’s Secret and Luna above

Last set!

Pontus is a bold aqua shimmer

Enchanted Forest is a green and white marbled shadow. On the eye its a shimmery pastel green

Kraken is a light gunmetal gray with a metallic finish

And I discussed the last two in a previous set of


Final thoughts- I like that Fair has a relatively small line. She’s put thought into every product and doesn’t have a bunch of nearly identical colors. Also I think that some indies try to do more than they can manage which makes their turn around times too long. I also love the pigmentation of her shadows. A tiny bit goes a long way and you’ll want to be very gentle with your application. Meaning you don’t need to dig your brush into the pan or tug at your eyelid. I also enjoy her marbled shadows. My only constructive criticism is that the products are delicate. This rings true for most hand pressed cosmetics and I feel like she’s altered her techniques a bit over the past two years as her newer products seem a bit more sturdy. As I mentioned in the intro, I would recommend storing your palette flat instead of on its side to prevent the shadows from lifting. Basically they’ll hold up fine with normal use but if you drop your palette down a flight of stairs, expect some casualties. My top picks are pretty much all of the new shades that we discussed first (they’re all bomb but Druid’s Magic and Medusa’s Curse are exceptional). Also Blazing Unicorn, Hade’s Hound, Atlas Night Skies, Goddess and Mermaid Scales. Thanks in advance of you use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT when placing your order. I’ll be doing a seperate post for her highlighters and glitters very soon!


  1. Your swatches are amazing! And you have so many of them! These eyeshadows look really pretty; I think it’s my first time hearing about this brand.


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