ColourPop Cosmetics FAME and FORTUNE palettes


The FAME and FORTUNE palettes were released in May and as I’m late catching up with my blog posts, I figured I added them together. They are part of the carnival collection that ColourPop made for their birthday month.


Colourpop Cosmetics FAME PALETTE – this is the first palette that came out last month for the carnival/birthday collection and I realized I didn’t swatch it! It’s a pretty palette, very taupe – very daytime – office friendly, could be also bridal/prom

friendly as these shades go with a lot of classic looks. Reminds me of the Naked III (urban decay) it has subtle shimmers with soft reflective pearls, non glittery foiling options here yay! and nice soft applying mattes with the exception of BLASE anD CELEB which has some patchy issues. Not a lot of people were gunho about it – maybe expecting blasts of color but I think this is a great everyday palette. Huge makeup collections may skip as they may have these shades already but this makes a great staple for soft summer glam looks.


A few thoughts: it’s a good one, that MISER shade is very close to DENONA’s GUSTI (tropic palette). There’s some shades reminiscent of the YES PLEASE palette, that BEN shade is bombbbb.

You can tell by the amount of swatch pictures I took that this was my favorite of the two.

I realize I’m late in making this blog post but they are both available right now! Did you get any?


  1. I’m ALWAYS excited when Colourpop has new releases in the pressed powder eyeshadow department, but honestly I’m shocked anytime I’ve skipped or passed certain collection. The 1st few item I skipped was the Sonya Esman quad/palette (HUGE Shocker for me), then the Golden State of Mind, Semi Precious and Take Me Home which were in the Holiday 2017. I didn’t pick the Perception eyeshadow palette either because I feel that while there were some unique shades most were shimmers and if anyone is going to create a palette with SIXTEEN shades, there should be more “true” mattes available. I didn’t pick up FAME either because I’m not huge on cool toned eyeshadows. However, I did get the Vacation Mode quad which is mostly cool, but I found it to be unique enough for my personal collection. Of course I picked FORTUNE because I’m very into warm eyeshadows, I felt this palette offered more mattes and although there seem to some very similar shades from the Yes, Please, You Had Me At Hello and even Give It To Me Straight, It’s my perfect warm cup of tea!


  2. Great photos! It’s good to see popular brands come out with cool-toned palettes. Everything is always warm, warm, warm all the time now!I’ve actually never used ColourPop’s pressed shadows before, but I’ve heard good things. I just have some of the Super Shock singles from a Kathleen Lights collab.


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