Love Luxe Beauty ‘See Me From Space’ Drenched Highlighter Palette: Swatches and Discount Code

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Love Luxe Beauty ‘See Me From Space’ Drenched Highlighter Palette ($42)

Behold the new @loveluxebeauty highlighter palette!! The palette drops TOMORROW Saturday, June 9! The retail price is $42 but you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT20 to save 20% bringing the price down to $33.60.

The palette includes six pressed highlighters in an interchangeable magnetic palette. It’s the same dimensions as her previous ‘Fantasy’ Palette so you could mix shades between the two.

Fantasy palette review

She recently (actually not that recently. Prob a year ago) reformulated her highlighters so that they’re easier to apply with a brush. I believe that they’re all eye safe with the exception of Extraterrestrial, which glows in the dark!

⭐Heliocentric is a white gold with peachy pink reflects

☄Celestial is a radiant orchid with blue pearl

🌜Supernova is light golden champagne

☄Flare is plum with a silvery overlay. It looks gorgeous on the eyes and will double as a highlighter for deeper complexions

🌛Extraterrestrial is a glow in the dark iridescent green. There’s a notation stating that Extraterrestrial contains luminescent zinc sulphide and is intended for use only on limited, infrequent occasions e.g. Halloween and not for regular or daily use. This shade isn’t eye safe.

🌟Galactic is half teal and half pink. You could angle your brush to pick up either shade or swirl it around to create a lavender color

So what do you guys think?? Will you be adding the ‘See Me From Space’ Drenched Highlighter Palette to the squad tomorrow???

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