Nabla Cosmetics ‘Close Up’ Collection: Swatches and First Impressions

The Nabla Cosmetics ‘Close Up’ Collection drops tomorrow, June 7 and includes the following:


💎Nine shades of full coverage, smoothing concealer €15,90 (approx $18)


💎Translucent baking & setting powder €18 ($21)


💎Smooth & blend makeup sponge €8,50 ($10)


💎Fuzzy pink makeup bag €12,90 ($15)


💎Powder brush €14,5 ($17)


💎Concealer brush €9,50 ($11)

Nabla products are also sold at Beauty Bay and I believe that they offer free worldwide shipping!

I’m still in the testing stage but so far I like everything! The concealer is very full coverage without being cakey and I haven’t noticed any creasing. With only 9 shades to start, obviously there’s not going to be an exact match for everyone but I think it’s a good beginning that they can expand upon in the future. The light and dark sides of the spectrum are pretty well represented but the middle ground needs a little work.

The the website describes the product as:
‘Full coverage long-lasting concealer, ideal for all skin types. Its creamy formula is suitable to cover all imperfections such as dark circles, redness and discolouration, for an incredibly flawless complexion! Its natural skin-like finish gives, with a simple touch, a plumping and smooth effect that is close-up proof.
It comes in nine different shades, that will allow you to find your perfect match, both to conceal and to highlight!
• Cruelty Free & Vegan.
• Made in Italy.
• Size: 4 ml / 0.14 fl. oz.
• Dermatologically tested.

Porcelain- Very fair complexion with pink or yellow undertone.

Ivory- From very fair to fair complexion with a warm or neutral undertone.

Light Peach- Fair complexion with neutral undertone.

Cream Beige- From fair to medium complexion with neutral, yellow or orange undertone.

Golden Beige- Medium complexion with yellow, golden or olive undertone.

Warm Honey- Medium-dark complexion with warm-yellow undertone.

Almond- Medium-dark complexion with golden olive undertone.

Mocha- Dark complexion with neutral, red or olive undertone.

Cocoa- Very dark complexion with red and olive undertone.

Right off the bat the packaging of the Nabla concealer reminded me a lot of Shape Tape. After the caps the next most obvious similarity is the applicators.

The Close Up wand is quite large but it’s slightly more narrow than Shape Tape’s. I included the Born This Way wand for scale in case you’re not familiar with Shape Tape.

They’re also quite similar in consistency. The Close Up formula is very creamy and very full coverage. A few dots is all it takes to camouflage undereye circles. It also blends out easily with minimal creasing.

Tarte Light Neutral is similar to Ivory

Unfortunately I won’t be able to do any more comparisons. I don’t have a lot of wand concealers. For work I use creams because it’s easier to be sanitary that way. On myself I mostly save the full coverage concealers for nights out (which occur once a decade or so) and reach for something lighter like Touche Eclat on a day to day basis. But luckily Nabla made this super helpful comparison chart!

Next up the setting powder, which contains 30 grams of product for €18 or about $21 USD.

I’m not a fan of baking so I can’t say for certain but I think this powder would great for it. It has a very dense texture. I ended up removing the shifter because I couldn’t get much product through the holes. Since I’ve only used it a few times, I haven’t formed a solid opinion yet. Below is the website description to give you a little more information.

‘Translucent loose powder, ideal for all skin tones. The subtle texture has a high smoothing power and sets the makeup giving the skin a silky-smooth effect. It gives a soft matte finish and is suitable for all skin types: from combination to dry, to the most sensitive ones. Meant to be used also with the baking technique, thanks to its micronized and silky powder that reduces the visibility of pores and lines of expression. Great for touch-ups as it refreshes the makeup without looking heavy.
It will become the perfect ally for a flawless base from day to night! Cruelty Free & Vegan.
• Made in Italy.
• Size: 30 g / 1.06 oz.
• Dermatologically tested’

And zee brushes! These are my first brushes from the brand. I’m not sure if they have others or not?

The Powder Brush is €14,50 or about $17 USD. It has a tapered shape, perfect for the undereye area and the synthetic fibers are baby soft. I’ve only washed it once but so far it’s maintained its softness and shape.

The Concealer Brush is €9,50 or around $11 with very soft, synthetic bristles. I found the shape to be a little different for a concealer brush. It’s a bit more fluffy then what I’d generally use but I really like it. I’ve been putting some concealer on a hand palette and then using the concealer brush to place the product, followed by a patting motion to press it into the skin.

The smooth & blend makeup sponge is €8,50 ($10) and meant to be used with both the concealer and powder. To me it doesn’t feel noticeably different than my beauty blender and I love how big and fluffy it gets when wet.

The super soft makeup bag covered in synthetic pink fur. And it’s a really nice size. Large enough to hold a lot of products but still small enough to fit in your handbag.

• External dimensions: 24 cm x 17 cm

And there you have it! I’m still testing these products but based on the pasted few days of use, I would repurchase the concealer in Cream Beige and Ivory, the sponge and the concealer brush. I like the powder and powder brush too but they aren’t all that different from products that I already own. Are you planning on grabbing anything from the Close Up collection??


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