Tons of Empties!!! Repurchase or na?

I’m making it my mission this year to go through the 10,000 open jars of crap that I have littering my closets and drawers. It took me a little over two months to fill my designated empty container box. Wanna go through my trash with me before I dump it in the recycling bin???

There’s a bunch of samples in this photo that I’m not going to list because I have the attention span of a gerbil. And there was nothing remarkable enough that I feel the need to purchase.

Okay so starting with the big section… skincare!

I finished up three bottles of Sunday Riley oil: Artemis, Juno and Flora. Artemis was my shit so naturally they discontinued it. I managed to snag a back up bottle that I hid my hall closet for awhile but it was time to suck it up and use it before it went bad.

I’m not crazy about Flora but I will repurchase Juno once I use up the rest of my oil stash. Speaking of oil stash… I also finished a soothing oil from Beauty Escape Cosmetics, a hydrating oil from Sumbody Skincare and the infamous Vintners Daughter. The BEC and Sumbody oils were PR. I’d purchase the BEC oil because it was really good and ridiculously affordable, around $15-$20. Her website is currently on hiatus but when she reopens, I’ll probably buy a new bottle. The Sumbody oil was good too but 3x the price of the one from Beauty Escape so I doubt that I buy it. And the Vintner’s… sigh. This was my second bottle and I’m currently half way through my third. I love this oil but I do love it as much as I love $200?? I don’t know. I’ll probably fucking repurchase it. But I’m gonna cuss about it.

Other stuff I’ll definitely repurchase… Good Genes, the Dr Gross peels and C-firma.

I’ve bought those three products numerous times and I already had back ups of all three. The Dr Gross peels will forever be a staple of mine but I’m branching out a bit on the other two. Instead of opening my new C-firma, I’ve been using this Sunday Riley CEO Brightening Serum that I got in my last Popsugar Box and I love it!

Also I’ve been rotating between Good Genes, Tarte Knockout and Paula’s Choice Resist 10% AHA.

I got two bottles of the Resist serum in a PR package and I’m working on the second bottle now. Once I finish with that, I’ll buy it again because it’s affordable enough that I can use it on my arms and chest where I’m trying to lighten freckles.

Speaking of the Popsugar subscription box, I was first introduced to the Indie Lee Toner and the Goldfaden Fresh a Peel through this box.

And c-firma come to think of it. It’s the best sub box ever. Anyway. I love the toner and Goldfaden peel too. And I’ll buy replacements before too long.

I bought these cleansing towelettes because they were on sale at Ulta. They were pretty good but I’m not loyal to any particular brand when it comes to those things. The SK-II essence… my brother’s partner does PR for them so I demand that he come bearing samples any time that they visit.

I like their products but I don’t think I’d ever buy them due to the price.

I like the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream lotion and I’d probably buy it again if I had a coupon.

I got the Tatcha Silk Cream in a PR package but I wouldn’t buy it again. It’s nice but not $120 worth of nice.

The Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist was in one of those huge free sample bags that Ulta does periodically. I have enough bottles of facial mists to last me into the next decade at least so I don’t see myself buying it. I think those Nip + Fab pads were in an Ulta bag too. They weren’t anything to write home about.

I honestly can’t remember where that Glamglow mask came from but I consider that whole line to be obscenely overpriced and the mask wasn’t anything special.

Phew! We got through the largest portion! Now there’s just a few makeup, hair and bath and body products to talk about.

The only dry shampoo that I use is from Elizabeth & James. Interestingly enough I discovered this product through Popsugar as well. I’ve repurchased it dozens of times and I’ve tried every scent.

The black and white bottles are my favorite. I think they’re nirvana black and nirvana white? Something like that. Anyway. Best dry shampoo ever. You should try it!

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioner…. sigh. I’ve gotten this damn conditioner in every sub box that I’ve ever tried… boxycharm, Ipsy, Sephora and this full sized jar was from Popsugar. I don’t like it and I won’t repurchase. I also got the Gorge spray and Theorie oil from sub boxes. The Gorge stuff is a leave in conditioner spray and Theorie is an argon oil. I liked both products but they weren’t special enough that I’d seek them out next time that I need a similar product.

I use coconut oil in my hair about twice a month and occasionally on my body after I get out of the shower. No particular brand as long as it’s reasonably priced.

And last in the hair category, this mask from Mon Shampoing. This is a deep conditioner with keratin that was sent as PR. I did like it and it made my hair feel soft but I wouldn’t buy it because of the price. It’s over $50. $52 or $54… somewhere in that neighborhood. I’d have to REALLY love a conditioner to spend that much.

Section 3: Makeup!

Stuff I’d buy again:

ABH Brow Wiz– I’ve tried every brow pencil in the book but I always return my trusty ABH Brow Wiz.

NYX Glitter Primer– this is officially my favorite glitter glue. I used to swear by the one from Too Faced but the NYX glue is very similar and a quarter of the price

Bareminerals Stroke of Light– this is an undereye brightener. It has light coverage and it’s slightly illuminating. Perfect for my day to day life

Inglot Duraline– I’ve gone through a million bottles of this stuff. It has tons of uses but my favorite is using it to revive dry brow pomades or cream shadows. You just add a few drops and viola! Good as new.

Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer– I really shouldn’t have included this because I use it for work, not personal use but oh well. This the best eye primer that I’ve ever found for oily skin and it’s a staple in my freelance kit.

Stuff I won’t buy again:

KVD Tattoo Liner– everyone loves this shit except me. The brush is great and makes it easy to do a wing but it’s shiny. Bleh. I need matte eyeliner.

Blinc mascara– I got this from a sub box too. Its one of those stupid fiber mascaras. Thank the gods that trend has been dying out.

It Cosmetics Tightline mascara– I love this mascara… the first two or three times. Then it dries out and becomes useless. It dries out faster than any other mascara that I’ve ever tried. $24 for three uses? I think not.

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly– sigh. I’ve used Painterly for a million years and I love it but Mac hasn’t been a cruelty free brand for several years now. So many of my followers are passionate about only supporting cruelty free brands and they inspire me to do the same. I’m not there yet but I’m doing my best not to buy products that I’m ashamed post on ig. I found a similar product from Nabla so I’m going to try my best not to buy any more Paint Pots. (Sidebar- I know that some of skincare brands that I use aren’t cruelty free either. Baby steps.)

I think that the NYX CC cream and Violet Voss glitter glue were discontinued because I couldn’t find either of them online.

We’ve reached the final section! Bath and body products!

I loooooove this body oil spray from One Love Organics. It smells amazing and really hydrates the skin. Surprise, surprise this is another product introduced to me through Popsugar. I’ve gone through either three or four bottles and I’m sure that I’ll buy it again at some point but not any time soon because it’s pretty expensive ($39) and I have a bunch of lotions and oils that I want to use up first.

I’ll probably buy the Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion again. I use it on my pasty legs.

I always use some kind of lotion or oil in the shower. I think the Nivea In Shower Body Lotion was buy one, get one at Ulta not too long ago. I’m using the second bottle now. It’s aight but like the one from Olay better.

This Vita Liberata Tanning Mousse is supposed to last 2-3 weeks… HA! What a crock of shit that is. Try 2-3 days. Now granted I work out regularly and sweat like a hedoius pig and I wash my swatch arm at least three extra times a day so it isn’t fair to assume that it would last 2-3 weeks for me. But I wasn’t exaggerating earlier, 3 days tops and that shits gone without a trace. Maybe I’d buy it if it were on clearance but never at full price.

OBX Coconut Oil Body Spray– I’m pretty sure that this came in a Beautycon box. It wasn’t very good…

And that’s all she wrote! Time to toss this shit in the recycling bin and start over. I went through a good bit of stuff in the last two months but I’ve already repurchased half of it so my clutter situation hasn’t improved much. In the next few months I’m hoping to use up some primers, foundations and more half empty lotions and hair crap. Wish me luck! I’ll update you towards the end of the summer.


  1. Ah great post this is making me wish I’d done an huge empties post on my blog (I guess it would’ve been my first blog post lol!) instead of recycling them all! But I already have a handful of empties again so it won’t take long! Anyway I have a question!!! Have you tried the Peter Thomas Roth version of the Alpha Beta peel pads?? I have them and they seem to work pretty decently but I have nothing to compare them to. (The Dennis Gross one’s are so pricey I went for the cheaper alternative to start) I’m curious if the ones you use and swear by are THAT much better to justify the price difference??
    Also…That damn Briogeo hair mask, man. I’ve never seen a product pushed so hard! (Well yes I have. Smashbox photo finish primer anyone?) and I agree it sucks.


    • You should def start writing blog posts! Once you start doing them regularly you can make money from ads. It’s not much but it covers the WordPress fees plus a little extra.
      You’re talking about the Unwrinkle pads? I like those too. The main differences (to my novice eyes) are that you have to rinse after using PTR but not Dr Dennis. Also I feel like the PTR peels give you more immediate results whereas the Dr Dennis peels show more significant long term results. When I use PTR, the next day the two wrinkles between my eyes (from constantly making my ‘Are you fucking kidding me right face’) look better in the am. I was starting to get wrinkles on the tops of my cheekbones. They’d only be visible at the end of day when my skin was dehydrated but they’ve gone away completely after using the Dr D peels for awhile. I like and use both.


      • Thanks for the encouragement!! Since I have the blog set up already – I saw you guys followed me on it, thank you so much!!! – I have no excuse not to do it! Thanks for the advice on the pads! I use them a couple times a week when I need a break from retinol – my skin starts peeling after too many days of it – and I actually leave it on overnight and don’t rinse! My skin doesn’t have an adverse reaction to leaving it on and I think it makes it work better. Rinsing after a few minutes just seems like a waste. I definitely want to try the Alpha Beta pads too.


  2. If you liked the SK-II essence, Stephanie Nicole mentioned a Korean/Japanese alternative which is a fraction of the price! It’s called ‘Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence’ and I got it from Yesstyle (I think they ship internationally!). I haven’t tried an essence before so I can’t personally attest to it, but she said it pretty much worked the same as the SK-II one 🙂


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