Melt Cosmetics ‘Gemini’ Palette Dupes!!

We’re moving quickly here people! I just posted my review (more like first impressions) of this palette and a comparison to ABH Subculture (which you can check out here) and now we’re on to dupes!! Supposedly the Gemini Palette is sold out forever! Never to see the light of day again! But we all know that these brands love pulling that LE bullshit to pressure us into buying then there’s a miraculous restock two months later. It’s a Christmas miracle! If you didn’t already get this palette, fear not! I got chu, ma!

Luna vs Makeup Geek Creme Brulee ($6)- these are both soft brown mattes. Luna is more yellow and Creme Brulee more pink. A better dupe would be ABH Custard but it’s $12.

Gemini vs ColourPop 20 Something ($4)- these two are both pinky gold duochromes with chunky textures. Gemini is more orange. Another good option would be Love Luxe Beauty Prissy ($8.80, with code BEAUTYCULT20)

Lorelei vs ColourPop Paper Tiger ($4)- these are both mustard toned mattes. Lorelei is darker and more brown. My second runner up was Igneous Cosmetics California Poppy.

Polkadot vs Devinah Cosmetics Bambi ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- these are both matte tawny browns. Polkadot has stronger yellow undertones. Other options are Looxi Butterscotch ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT) or ABH Caramel

Cupcake vs Makeup Geek Mocha ($6)- both are dark neutral browns. Cupcake is darker than Mocha. My second choice was Mac Corduroy ($7) but it’s not cruelty free.

Bonnie vs ColourPop Let’s Do It ($4)- any matte black that you have will get the job done

Leo vs Nabla Cosmetics Radikal (€7,90, approx $9 USD)- Radikal is the darkest olive matte in my collection. Leo is a little more brown but they’re pretty close! My second closest option was Looxi Moss ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT). MUG Dirty Martini ($6) and CP Team Captain ($4) are both lighter and more green.

Goalz vs ColourPop Rosé All Day ($4)- these are both yellow green shimmers but Rosé is lighter and more yellow. Other options: ABH Tiger’s Eye ($12) or Nabla Cosmetic Extravirgin (€6,50 approx $7.50 USD)

Fire OG vs Looxi Beauty Socialite ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are dark matte browns with olive undertones. Fire OG is darker and more green. Technically Socialite was discontinued but I begged Jess to bring it back because it’s the only color in my collection that could be considered a dupe for Fire OG. It should be restocked on June 7th or before. My second runner up was Devinah Freya ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT) but it’s a lot lighter

Mochi vs Devinah Courtney ($4, with code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are both mustard toned mattes with olive undertones. Mochi is a good bit darker and Courtney is more yellow. I realized belatedly that Saucebox Daffodil ($7.65, with code SAUCECULT10) is a much closer dupe then Courtney.

Tada! We’ve reached the end! Hopefully this post has relieved your fomo. There’s always dupes. And in this case, you could buy all 10 single shadows and still save $10 since this palette was so stupid expensive. Did you scoop up Gemini before it sold out??


    • Shit! I just remembered that I sent the palette to DeAndra (Devinah Cosmetics) because she wanted to dupe a few of the shades. I’ll do it when I get it back tho. And by that time she’ll probably have made a closer dupe than Courtney any way.


      • Holy cow. That’ll be amazing. Lol. How will consumers know when the duplicate shades will be available?


      • Do you follow me on instagram? I’m sure that she’ll send me whatever she comes up with when she mails the palette back. I’ll def post a comparison on there.


      • Yes!! I’ll dm you a side by side with daffodil when I get the palette back. Oh and I should’ve said this earlier but I meant my personal ig account (@angelamarytanner). We’re more active on our personal pages than the blog ig


  1. Would you be able to swatch daffodil & Courtney next to Mochi for a comparison? I made a purchase from looxi, now I’m wondering which to order that yellow from. The price is almost double for daffodil.


  2. So it was for sale again yesterday on its website 🙄 sold out in about an hour. Not sure if it was announced (I saw it in a FB group I’m in). Hopefully it was just the leftovers from the Phame Expo last weekend but I guess we will see 🤷🏻‍♀️


  3. Thank so much for this, I couldn’t get the palette and now am in search for similar shades. Sugar Pill’s “Money Maker” is also a pretty good dupe for “GOALZ”


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