Melt Cosmetics ‘Gemini’ vs Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Subculture’

Melt Cosmetics ‘Gemini’ vs Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Subculture’

A few people were asking on ig how these two palettes compared so I did some quick swatches….

No dupes here guys!

šŸŽ†Mochi vs Edge- Mochi is darker and more olive

šŸŽ‡Goalz vs Electric- these two are nothing alike.

āœØLeo vs Destiny- Leo is darker and more brown

šŸŽ†Cupcake vs Fudge- these two are kinda similar. Fudge is just warmer

šŸŽ‡Lorelei vs New Wave- New Wave is more orange. Lorelei is more mustard toned.

āœØGemini vs Adorn- Gemini is lighter.

šŸŽ†Luna vs Dawn- these two are pretty alike also but Dawn is a bit lighter.

The palettes have similar colors stories and a few shades that are alike but nothing exact. I’d venture to say that you could do a somewhat similar look with either palette but you could also create a lot of different looks with both.

There’s a few really unique shades in Gemini but I’ll do my best to come up with some affordable dupes (or near dupes). Here’s a sneak peek…


  1. Yeah i never saw the correlation between Subculture and Gemini. I do wish that ABH had at least one palette with a color story as coherent as the Gemini though


  2. Ahh! I passed on Gemini simply because I didnā€™t remember it was released then then it sold out, now Iā€™m a happy I did because I much prefer the subculture colors and I already own that! Looks like Iā€™ll be picking up a dupe for Goalz though!


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