Igneous Cosmetics: Review, Swatches and Discount Code


New indie alert!!! Em and I recently had the opportunity to try a new (to us) indie brand called Igneous Cosmetics! They sell mostly eyeshadows and highlighters with a focus on natural ingredients and they’re based out of Canada. All of their products are cruelty free and most are vegan

I’m going to be reviewing their Metamorphosis palette which includes 5 duochromes and a black. They included the black with the idea that you could use it as a base to completely change the look of the duochromes.

They also sent some single shadows, shimmers and mattes. I’m always excited to try indie mattes because they’re so hard to formulate and the shimmer pans are gorgeous.

Oh! And they also sell swatch stencils! They’ve got a bunch of cute options and they even offer custom designs.

Their eyeshadows come in 26mm pans and they’re $4.80 each. Oh and she set up a discount code for our followers. It’s BEAUTYCULT and it will save you 10%.

Okay so starting with zee mattes… these babies swatched BEAUTIFULLY! I often have a hard time swatching mattes because my arm tends to be dry from constantly washing it. #bbloggerproblems I was extremely impressed with how smoothly and evenly these swatched on bare skin. They’re a softer matte so expect some kick up but nothing out of control. They have very nice pigmentation but they tend to sheer out a bit when blended.

I’m really liking these colors! I’ll probably use the red orange and yellow orange more but I think the blue and green are more unique and interesting

Rufous is a mid-toned brick red.

California Poppy is a muted yellow with orange undertones. Think MUG Chickadee.

Pear is a spring green with yellow undertones

Sky is the perfect name for this bright cerleoun blue!

In my opinion matte eyeshadows formulas are one of the most subjective things in makeup, right behind liquid lipstick formulas. I love a soft matte with great color pay off and if I have to deal with some fall out or kick up, that’s fine by me. That being said, I’m super impressed with these mattes! They’ve got a great color selection so if the formula sounds like something you might like, then I would definitely check them out!

Onto the shimmers! First of all… can we talk about those stamps?? They’re almost too pretty to use. The shimmers are clearly well made. They’re pressed firmly enough to be sturdy but not so hard that they’re difficult to use. The formula almost feels like a foiled shadow. They’re glitter free with just a hint of shimmer and lots of shine.

African Amethyst is a deep violet. This is probably the shimmer that impressed me most because of how smoothly it applies. Purples like that can be really tricky. MUG has a foiled shadow that’s similar in color but it’s patchy and difficult to use.

Pink Adventurine- as I’m writing this post, I realized that I labelled this shadow wrong in every photo. Naturally. It’s Pink Adventurine not Pink Adventure. Forgive me. It’s a soft champagne color with just a hint of blush. It’s also a great highlight shade for my fellow pale girls and boys

Garnet is a rich burgundy with a metallic finish

Paraiba Tourmaline is a vivid aqua blue

Peach Quartz is the most unique of the five, in my opinion. It’s a peachy beige with a subtle green shift.

I had to save the best for last with this little Igneous Cosmetics series… Behold! The Metamorphosis Palette!

It includes six 26mm eyeshadows in a cute tin compact.

The pans are held in place by a foam divider but they’re easily removed. The palette retails for $24 and we have a discount code (non-affil) BEAUTYCULT for 10% off.
What makes this set unique is the inclusion of a satiny black, called Shape Shifter, meant to be used as an intensifying base for the five duochrome shades. And these are some interesting colors! Not the tired old blue brown that’s a prerequisite in most duochrome collections. Don’t get me wrong, I love a blue brown duo. We’ve just seen it dozens of times. Hallelujah! Finally something new!

Transformation is a soft ivory that shifts blue.

Mutation is a seafoam green that shifts lavender and pink

Surprise is a bright pink that shifts blue and purple.

Magic is a lilac that shifts green.

Rebirth is a sky blue that shifts orange.

The quality of all of the Igneous products that I’ve tried has been excellent and clearly made with love! I wouldn’t hesitate recommend any of the products shown especially the palette and the mattes. I’m confident that you’ll love Igneous Cosmetics as much as I do!

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