Kat Von D “Gold Skool” Metal Crush highlighter -swatches! DUPES! And saving codes!

Purchased, affil codes

Kat Von D Beauty GOLD SKOOL ($30) (Click HERE to purchase at Sephora!) highlighter was the one thing I had to pick up from the anniversary collection, after days of debating I decided to eventually go to a Sephora that carries the rest of the stuff to swatch as the level of makeup has gotten really out of control in my house. I just can’t resist a highlighter .

The box says “ELECTRIFYING GLITTER” and that is exactly that it brings to the table: a high pitch of bright shimmery glitter bomb to ya face. It’s quite glittery but you can also tone it down with a light hand. This is one of those highlighters I’ll reserve for nights out as For day to Day I prefer soft gleaming things layered with “foily” type of highlighters.

Let’s go into the dupes! It’s 99.9% similar to Devinah Cosmetics OMG – the latter being slightly less yellow but only if you later upon layer to see the base color, on initial swatch (one swipe) it’s the same ($9.60 with 20% off code: BEAUTYCULT).

If you like the look but swear glitter off your face, Loveluxebeauty has “IRIDESCENT SUNLIGHT” ($9.90 with code BEAUTYCULT) which is very finely milled and delicate sheen in the same exact tone:

And if you are looking for bright foiled highlighter without the glitter Looxi Beauty has STILETTO which is just as bright and similar in shade ($6.75 with code BEAUTYCULT) this last one is great for foiling (that glass look @namvo is famous for) and even on the lid – I love it and I’m about to hit pan.

So there it is cult! An option for every style!

Let me know you’ll pick up any of these and if you any Kvd anniversary collection goodies and how you like them- I’m on the fence on what to get!

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  1. Great Dupe post!!! I remember seeing Devinah OMG for the first time (I wanna say a couple years ago?) and thinking holy cow who wants all that glitter on their face?! BUT, like usual, indies are just way ahead of their time and the big brands just be stealing ideas from the little guys.


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