Devinah Cosmetics “Pink Icing” Spring Bundle – Swatches and discount code!

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If you are not wearing pink YOU CANT SIT WITH USSSS!!! This spring there is a new bundle of brand spanking new shades at Devinah Cosmetics dropping FRIDAY 5.25.18 at 8AM PST/11AM EST!!!!  PINK has been the girly defacto shade, and I don’t care how goth your life has gotten, deep down we all enjoy a little pink in our lives.

Devinah is doing this new bundle thing, where she creates a colorway and bundles new or current shades as a treat to the ones that are bored with the same old same thing thats going on the make up world as of late.

Pink Icing is the latest, with 6 matte eyeshadows, 7 shimmers and 2 highlighters all included in a sleek black magnetic palette, it all comes down to $55.96 when using our code (BEAUTYCULT – 20% OFF).

Lets break this down!

Norah – a light periwinkle – lavender shade with a soft delicate matte pastel finish, blended beautifully and one of my favorites.

Jox – a pretty mauve, but unfortunately, the one culprit shade that gave me problems. It was powdery and it lost its definition when applied to the lid, blending with the other shades in a muddy mess. Best applied with primer.

Mina- a darker rosy mauve and very pretty transition shade.

Kaia- a brightamethyst, another favorite of mine and amazing as the crease shade when used over Mina and Jox.

Remi – cool toned iris purple, bright and I surprisingly don’t have any shade like it so I’m excited to see this.  Pair with neons for festival season perhaps??

Karma: dark matte black

Icing: light lavender silver

Fae: a shimmery rose gold.

Kori – shimmery peach pink

Cali- bubblegum pink!

Jouri – a hot pink

Gemma – the ultimate barbie shade, magenta goodness.

Janae – strawberry pink – or a pink based red?

The two highlighters are a complimentary duo of icy pink and light lavender violet. on the skin and blended out you can softly mix them both for that ethereal summer look we see on a lot of editorials as of late, with glassy looking highlights and faerie style looks.

It all drops 5/25th so don’t miss out! 20% off with our code BEAUTYCULT.

Swatch reel:


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