Dawn Eye’s Cosmetics ‘Premiums’ Collection: Swatches and Discount Code

Sample. Affiliate code.

Behold! The most impressive duochromes that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). These babies are the Premium Collection from Dawn Eye’s Cosmetics! There’s twelve colors that are available in three sizes. The sample size comes packaged in a clamshell for $6 ($5.10 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT). They say you get about 5 uses out the sample size but I’d say it’s more like 10. I bought the samples initially and I’ve used them a few times, did multiple swatches and I still had plenty left to send Em. The mini jars have 2 grams of product and they’re $12 ($10.20, with code BEAUTYCULT). The full sized jars are $20 ($17 with the code) and have 5 grams of product.

I’m really impressed with how Dawn listens to her customers. People were having trouble with the website, so she completely redid it. There were lots of requests for a medium sized option for the Premiums, so she made one. All brands say that they listen to their customers but Dawn Eye’s is one of the few that actually follows through!

Okay. Intro over. Onto the good stuff!

Entrancing is a spring green that shifts yellow, teal and blue.

Otherworldly is a deep purple that shifts blue and magenta.

Mysterious is a deep teal that shifts blue and purple.

Spellbinding is a mossy green that shifts blue and silver.

Heavenly has a copper base that shifts red, orange, gold and green.

Captivating is every shade of blue wrapped up in one little jar.

Ravishing has a deep berry base that shifts red, copper, gold and green.

Fantastical is a magenta that shifts purple, red and gold.

Magical has a pink berry base that shifts from bronze to green.

Enchanting is a deep blue that shifts purple.

Mystical has a bright teal base that shifts blue, purple and green.

Alluring has plum base that shifts bronze to green.

Tada! These colors are so beautiful that they inspire me to write poetry and shit. And honestly, they’re even more magical in person. Thanks in advance if you choose to use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 15% at Dawn Eye’s Cosmetics!

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