New Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Glitters: Swatches and Discount Code

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If you’re not familiar with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, check out the post before this one where I swatched their new spring collection. I included a little brand intro at the beginning. In addition to the spring collection, they also released eight new glitters in florescent colors!

They come in good sized jars with shifters and they’re only $6 each!! Plus you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save an additional 15% bringing the price down to $5.10!

Rawrdy- Rawrdy is a bright green

Diamond Dog is yellow with flecks of green.

Voxen is orange with a yellow green shift.

Moulin-Rouge is a bright coral that can look orange or red depending on the angle

Satine is a bright pink with a yellow green shift

Montmartre is a pinky purple with a green shift

Boheme is a purple fuchsia with flecks of green

Vedette is a blue green with flecks of green

Gorgeous colors! And these are the most affordable glitters that I can remember seeing. At 5 bucks a pop (w/ our code BEAUTYCULT), it would be easy to justify getting all eight!

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