Dawn Eyes Cosmetics ‘In Bloom’ Spring Collection: Review, Swatches and Discount Code

Sample. Affiliate code.

If you follow me on instagram, then you probably remember when I posted these insane multichrome pigments from a small indie brand called Dawn Eyes Cosmetics (if not go look!). We all lost our collective shit over those babies and Dawn got flooded with orders. She also got noticed by some big publications, like Allure and Bustle. Since then she’s made some big changes and with the help of an amazing PR guy, my friend William, including a brand new, easy to navigate website! Additionally we now have an affiliate code with them! It’s BEAUTYCULT and it will save you 15%.

I’m definitely going to do a separate post for her Premium line (the crazy duochromes) but first I wanted to show you the brand new, In Bloom collection!

The collection includes 10 loose pigments and will be available TONIGHT at 9pm EST. The pigments come packaged in jars with clear lids, gold detailing and shifters. They’re very nice quality and hold around 5 grams of product. They’re $10 each or $8.50 if you want to use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 15%. ūüėČ

Naturally it was pouring rain when I did these swatches so they’re not being showcased to their full potential. Sigh. I’ll redo them at some point.

Fool for You is the perfect red, not too dark, not to bright. It’s the only matte in the collection

Love Story in a mid-toned satiny pink with iridescent blue shimmer. The pink mixed with blue give it a lavender appearance from some angles

Tender Rose is a shimmery Barbie pink with tiny flecks of multi-colored glitter

Blondelocks is a delicate yellow gold with a metallic finish

Poison Ivy is a Kelly green with a metallic finish

Crystal Jade is a spring green with blue and gold glitter

Oopsie Daisie is a platinum white with silver sparkle.

Grotto is a shimmery baby blue with subtle pink glitter

Linger is lavender with a blue green shift

Love’s Eternity is the coolest color ever! It’s a metallic plum with blue sparkle that shifts pink and taupe.

Love’s Eternity is my top pick and so far my other favs are Linger, Crystal Jade, Tender Rose and Love Story! Are you planning on checking out the new website tonight??

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