Mally Beauty Mallywood Collection: Review and Swatches

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I recently got the chance to test a new collection from Mally Beauty, which is a brand that I’ve never tried before. If you follow me on ig then you already know that I’m crazy about the whole shebang. I did like 47 posts on it. Okay maybe not that many but way more than necessary.

The collection is limited edition and it includes an eyeshadow palette, highlighting blush, highlighter trio and mascara. I was immediately sold by the packaging. I’m not especially into pink but when you throw in gold glitter, I’m sold.

Seriously though, how cute is this packaging?? And that’s nothing… wait until you see the inside! I think the eyeshadow palette and blush are the most interesting pieces so let’s start there!

Mallywood Eyeshadow Palette ($29)

This is such a pretty palette! I love the packaging and I ADORE the color scheme. That sparkle tho! The palette has 6 regular sized eyeshadows and then 2 larger pans that can double as a highlighter and contour powder.

Fearless is a peachy champagne color that can be used on the face or eyes. It has a soft creamy texture and good color payoff.

Iconic is one of two matte shades in the palette. It’s a mid-toned taupey brown that can function as a crease color or contour powder. It’s a basic color but one that I think most people would get a lot of use out of.

Fabulous is orange with gold shimmer. It’s a very pretty color for summer but I find that it needs to be used wet to really pop. Also I wish it was matte. I think an orange matte would’ve made the palette perfect.

Fierce is a golden bronze with a metallic finish. Nice texture and color pay off.

Kind is dark bronze. I’d say that the finish is satin with some added gold shimmer. It’s dark enough to add definition to an eye look while still being soft.

Flirty is a light pink satin. It’s a little on the sheer side but it builds nicely. I’ve been using it mostly as a transition color but it would be very pretty all over the lid or as a highlight shade.

Passionate is cherry red matte. It’s very pigmented while still being easy to blend.

Loving is the only shade in the palette that requires some extra effort. It’s more like a pressed pigment so you’ll need to use it wet or with a glitter adhesive. Also I think it applies much better with a fingertip than a brush. It’s well worth the effort though! It’s a pink and gold shimmer but it’s more of a coral pink than a rose pink. It’s my favorite shade in the palette.

Overall I think it’s a cute little palette with a great color scheme for spring and summer. If it had one or two more mattes, it would’ve been perfect. But I still think it’s a steal at $29.

Mally Beauty ‘Mallywood Highlighting Blush’ ($28)

Gaaaaaahhhh!!! Could. You. Die?? This blush has me talking all white girl and shit. I love everything about this compact and the swirl pattern of the blush gives me serious Pucci vibes.

It took me at least a week to suck it up and swatch this guy. It hurt my heart to mess up the swirl pattern.

The compact has four blush colors and two highlight colors, all in shades of pink and mauve with a hint of red and purple.

On my skin it’s a satiny pink that adds a subtle flush. It’s lighter than I expected because the purple and red are quite sheer. But it is buildable. Personally I prefer a sheer blush and satin finishes are my favorite so this is right up my alley.

Mallywood Wazza Wassup Highlighting Trio ($32)

Next piece of zee collection is this beautiful highlighter trio! It has the same gold glitter interior as the eyeshadow palette and a nice mirror.

It includes two powder highlights and one cream. I had no idea that it was a cream until I went to swatch it. Surprise! I love when brands include different formula in one palette.

Soft is the cream highlight. It’s a soft golden champagne with lots of delicate shimmer. You could use it alone for a subtle, dewy highlight or as a base to make the powder shades really pop.

Medium is a mid-toned peachy gold and Strong is a bright white gold.

The brand suggests applying Soft on your cheekbones first, then topping it with Medium and lastly applying Strong to the highest points for an ombre look. The powders are very smooth and highly pigmented. And I love that you can get a subtle or blinding highlight from the same palette. I was a little surprised to see that it was more expensive than the eyeshadow palette ($32 vs $29) but I would definitely repurchase it.

Mallywood Smoky Mama! Mascara ($20)

The fourth and final piece of the collection is this mascara! Once again I love the packaging, especially the gold glitter cap. The wand is long with short fibers that grab every lash.

It’s a lengthening formula and the wand separates the lashes and prevents clumping. It lasts all day without flaking.

It’s a really nice mascara but I wouldn’t personally repurchase it. Only because I’m a hardcore drugstore mascara girl. Mascara is the one cosmetic that I replace religiously every 6-8 weeks. And most of the time, if I wear makeup I’m going to put on lashes. I’m one of those girls… two looks: 1. Homeless 2. Drag queen Nothing in between. Sorry I went on a tangent there. My point is that I can’t see spending 20 bucks on mascara that I’m going to throw in 6 weeks when I can get one that’s nearly as good for $8 and I’m probably going to put on lashes anyway. The wand is really good though. I might save it to use as a spoolie.

Recap! This was my first experience with Mally Beauty and I’m very impressed! The presentation of the collection is perfection and the quality is great as well. The blush is a definite show piece for a makeup collector and the highlighter trio and eyeshadow palette are beautiful. Honestly the mascara is really nice too. I just have a weird issue with spending more than $10 on it.

Thoughts? Feelings? Comments?? Questions? Concerns??? Let me know in the comments!


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