KALEIDOSOAPS and returning to the art of bathing…

Sample. Affil linkNEW STUFF ALERT!!!A few days ago I peeked a new brand on my Instagram stories of SELF LOVING – OCEAN SAVING indie bath goodies called Kaleidosoaps – there are a ton TON of stuff on their website but I’ll tell you more about them:

From their website:

Welcome to Kaleidosoaps.Our mission is to keep you clean and save the earth at the same time. That’s why we created our products with nothing but the best, Sustainably Sourced, Eco-friendly, Fair Trade Ingredients. Everything down to our Glitter and Confetti is plastic-free & Biodegradable. Founded by an animal lover, we stand against animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry and do not utilize ingredients that are tested on animals.

So they work saving oceans and all that awesome stuff and their stuff is vegan and pretty decently priced. I never have time to take baths but the jellies have been my ultimate favorite this whole couple of weeks. I even got the hubs into them. I have the Lemon one and the SAVE WATER SHOWER WITH ME (lavender) and the latter is my favorite! It’s got an aromatherapy grade scent and it’s fun as hell to bathe with. It’s a soap, that wiggles. Laugh all you want, it’s the little things nowadays… So given that tomorrow is Mother’s Day, hubs had the great idea I partake of a mother’s unicorn experience: taking a half hour off life to take a BATH! Unheard of right?When one is a mom, this starts with allocating activities for pups, kid and hubs, make sure everyone is fed and hope one remembered to wash the downstairs tub.

Nobody uses it. Of course it’s dirty.

Half hour later and after fully washing the bathroom downstairs (it’s the guest apt, so I basically ignore it until we get visit staying over). But the tub here is away from the otherwise circus that is my living room with toddler and 3 dogs with bundled energy from being inside on a rainy day.

I chuck the pineapple looking one (BIG PINE) on the bath and I see it fizz in quick and effectively making the bath smell like a spa, however it’s making the bathtub GREEN! What is this!?! I hesitate for a second but listen: I got at least a good free half hour of mom duties, IM TAKING THIS BATH! So I step into this Chernobyl looking waters and take a deep breath.

Dude…This stuff smells GOOD!!!

It’s also got some skin softening stuff in there so my skin feels soft… 20 min into this, I let the water out and refil to try the flower looking one (MAY DAY) . This one has given the water a pleasant shade of indigo and the soothing scent of jasmine and rose hip.. well, for the $5.95 I can’t imagine what else I could be spending it on but on this right here right now…I have a third one saved for another time.. I feel relaxed af and I don’t want to blow all my bombs on the one night.

I’m writing this as I consider sleeping on this water but I’m getting pruny and I hear the sounds of a toddler refusing her appointed bedtime…Til the next time, kaleidosoaps! I shall return to this soon..

Tune in to my ig stories to see these fizzies go to work or check their Instagram, stuff is addictive. , I know… it sounds silly but you’ll realize how much we have missed in going back to having fun baths and showers… to taking a minute to enjoy ourselves, specially as a new mom.Also: we have a DISCOUNT TOO!!! CLICK HERE and save 15% with affil code BEAUTYCULT – let me know what you get and if you’re into this whole bathing thing, cause right now buddy, I’m feelin SOOTHED….

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